• Journal Papers
Bao and Shen (2018), Full-waveform sensitivity kernels of component-differential traveltimes and ZH amplitude ratios for velocity and density tomography, JGR-Solid Earth, /attached/file/20190218/20190218170012_25730.pdf
Bao and Shen (2016), Assessing waveform predictions of recent three-dimensional velocity models of the Tibetan Plateau, JGR-Solid Earth, /attached/file/20190218/20190218170148_31018.pdf
Bao, Dalton, Jin, Gaherty, and Shen (2016), Imaging Rayleigh wave attenuation with USArray, Geophysical Journal International, /attached/file/20190218/20190218170418_45069.pdf
Bao, Dalton, and Ritsema (2016), Effects of elastic focusing on global models of Rayleigh wave attenuation, Geophysical Journal International, /attached/file/20190218/20190218170622_68455.pdf

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