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[24] Bao Bin*, Zhou Shaoyi, Wang Quan*.Interplay between internal resonance and nonlinear magnetic interaction for multi-directional energy harvesting. Energy Conversion and Management 2021:114465.(SCI, 中科院1区, Top期刊, IF=9.709)

[23] Wu Nan, Bao Bin, Wang Quan*. Review on engineering structural designs for efficient piezoelectric energy harvesting to obtain high power output. Engineering Structures 2021, 235: 112068.(JCR Q1,  IF=4.471)

[22]      Bao Bin*, Lallart Mickaël,Wang Quan. Bandgap coupling effects between hybrid nonlinear synchronized switch damping and linear two-order resonant bandgaps in piezoelectric meta-structures. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part L: Journal of Materials: Design and Applications, 2021: 14644207211001891.(SCI,  IF=2.311)

[21]       Bao Bin*, Wang Quan*, Wu Nan, Zhou Shaoyi. Hand-held piezoelectric energy harvesting structure: Design, dynamic analysis, and experimental validation. Measurement 2021. 174: 109011.(SCI, 中科院2区, IF=3.927)

[20]       Bao Bin*, Wang Quan*.Bladeless rotational piezoelectric energy harvester for hydroelectric applications of ultra-low and wide-range flow rates.Energy Conversion and Management 2021; 227: 113619.(SCI, 中科院1区, Top期刊, IF=9.709)

[19]       Bao Bin*, Wang Quan*. A rain energy harvester using a self-release tank. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 2021; 147: 107099. (*corresponding author) (SCI, 中科院1区, Top期刊, IF=6.823)

[18]       Bao Bin*, Lallart Mickaël, Guyomar Daniel. Manipulating elastic waves through piezoelectric metamaterial with nonlinear electrical switched Dual-connected topologies. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 2020; 172: 105423. (SCI, 中科院2区, IF=5.329)

[17]       Bao Bin*, Lallart Mickaël, Guyomar Daniel. Structural design of a piezoelectric meta-structure with nonlinear electrical Bi-link networks for elastic wave control. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 2020; 181: 105730. (SCI, 中科院2区, IF=5.329)

[16]       Bao Bin, Wang Quan*. Small-scale experimental study on the optimisation of a rooftop rainwater energy harvester using electromagnetic generators in light rains. International Journal of Energy Research 2020: 1-19. (SCI, 中科院3区, IF=5.164)

[15]       Bao Bin*, Wang Quan. Elastic wave manipulation in piezoelectric beam meta-structure using electronic negative capacitance dual-adjacent/staggered connections. Composite Structures 2019; 210: 567-580. (SCI, 中科院1区, Top期刊, IF=5.407)

[14]       Bao Bin*, Chen Wen, Wang Quan*. A piezoelectric hydro-energy harvester featuring a special container structure. Energy 2019; 189: 116261. (SCI, 中科院1区, Top期刊, IF= 7.147)

[13]       Zhong Haibin, Gu Yinghong, Bao Bin*, Wang Quan, Wu Jiuhui. 2D underwater acoustic metamaterials incorporating a combination of particle-filled polyurethane and spiral-based local resonance mechanisms. Composite Structures 2019; 220:1-10. (SCI, 中科院1区, Top期刊, IF=5.407)

[12]       Zhong Haibin*, Wu Jiuhui, Bao Bin*, Mao Qibo. A composite beam integrating an in-situ FPCB sensor membrane with PVDF arrays for modal curvature measurement. Measurement 2020; 166: 108241. (SCI, 中科院2区, IF=3.927)

[11]      Gu Yinghong, Zhong Haibin, Bao Bin*, Wang Quan, Wu Jiuhui. Experimental investigation of underwater locally multi-resonant metamaterials under high hydrostatic pressure for low frequency sound absorption. Applied Acoustics 2021, 172: 107605. (SCI, 中科院2区, IF=2.639)

[10]       Bao Bin, Guyomar Daniel, Lallart Mickaël*. Vibration reduction for smart periodic structures via periodic piezoelectric arrays with nonlinear interleaved-switched electronic networks. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 2017; 82: 230-259. (SCI, 中科院1区, Top期刊, IF=6.823)

[9]    Bao Bin, Guyomar Daniel, Lallart Mickaël*. Electron-phonon metamaterial featuring nonlinear tri-interleaved piezoelectric topologies and its application in low-frequency vibration control. Smart Materials and Structures, 2016, 25(9): 095010. (SCI, 中科院2区, IF= 3.585)

[8]    Bao Bin, Guyomar Daniel, Lallart Mickaël*. Piezoelectric meta-composite structure carrying nonlinear multilevel interleaved-interconnected switched electronic networks. Composite Structures 2017; 161: 308-329. (SCI, 中科院1区, Top期刊, IF=5.407)

[7]    Bao Bin, Tang Wei*. Semi-active vibration control featuring a self-sensing SSDV approach. Measurement 2017; 104: 192-203. (SCI, 中科院2区, IF=3.927)

[6]    Yan Linjuan#, Bao Bin#, Guyomar Daniel and Lallart Mickaël*, Periodic structure with interconnected nonlinear electrical networks, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 2016:1045389X16649448. (#co-first author). (SCI, 中科院3区, IF=2.569)

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[1]    Wei Tang*, LB Wang, Bin Bao, et al. Experimental comparisons of two detection methods for semi-passive piezoelectric structural damping. Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies, 2017, 5(4): 367-379.  

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[1]      Bin Bao, Mickaël Lallart and Daniel Guyomar, Nonlinear Vibration Damping in Mechanical/Electrical Periodic Structures Featuring Switched Piezoelectric Elements, 5th International Conference on Smart and Multifunctional Materials, Structures and Systems, CIMTEC 2016, Session E-1- Physics and Modelling of Metamaterials Systems, Perugia, Italy, June 5-9, 2016.

[2]      Bin Bao, Mickaël Lallart and Daniel Guyomar, Smart meta-structure using a combination of nonlinear independent and interconnected electrical networks, Journée GDR SEEDS: "Matériaux actifs et phénomènes couplés", Lyon, France, November 24, 2016.

[3]      Bin Bao, Daniel Guyomar and Mickaël Lallart, Piezoelectric metamaterials using nonlinear switched Dual-connected electrical networks, Phononics 2017, Changsha, China, June 5-9, 2017.

[4]      钟海彬, 包斌, 谷颖宏,基于局域共振机理的水声材料低频吸声性能与分析,第十六届船舶水下噪声学术讨论会,2017.8,中国,贵阳,201705:586-590。

[5]      包斌, Distributed, broadband vibration control devices using nonlinear approaches, 哈尔滨工业大学(深圳),学术讲座, 2017.08.09,中国,深圳。

[6]     包斌. 基于非线性电阻尼的压电周期结构弹性波禁带形成机理. 南昌航空大学,学术讲座,2018.06.25,中国,南昌。

[7]      Bin Bao, Wen Chen and Quan Wang, A low-head piezoelectric hydro-energy harvester. International Workshop on Piezoelectric Materials and Applications in Actuators 2019 (IWPMA2019), Lyon, France. October 1st-4th 2019.

[8]      包斌. 新型分布式压电结构振动控制研究. 扬州大学,线上学术讲座, 2020.06.18,中国。

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