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● Weiyu Li, Yekkuni L. Balachandran, Yanling Hao, Xie Hao, Runzhi Li, Zhangjie Nan, Hongying Zhang, Yiming Shao, Ye Liu. Amantadine surface-modified silver nanorods Improves immunotherapy of HIV vaccine against HIV-infected cells. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, 10(34), 2018, 28494-28501.
● Anastasia Georgantzopoulou, Sébastien Cambier, Tommaso Serchi, Anna Lankoff, Marcin Kruszewski, Yekkuni L. Balachandran, Patrick Grysan, Jean-Nicolas Audinot, Johanna Ziebel, Cédric Guignard, Arno C. Gutleb, AlberTinka J. Murk. Inhibition of multixenobiotic resistance transporters (MXR) by silver nanoparticles and ions in vitro and in vivo. Science of the Total Environment, 569–570, 2016, 681-689.
● Ye Liu$, Yekkuni L. Balachandran$, Dan Li, Yiming Shao, Xingyu Jiang. “Polyvinylpyrrolidone-poly(ethylene glycol) modified silver nanorods can be a safe, noncarrier adjuvant for HIV vaccine”. ACS Nano, 10 (3), 2016, 3589-3596.
● Yekkuni L. Balachandran, Andrei Y. Panarin, Inna A. Khodasevich, Sergei N. Terekhov, Arno C. Gutleb, Shanmugam Girija. “Environmentally friendly preparation using biopolymer pectin of gold and silver nanoparticles for SERS applications”. Journal of Applied Spectroscopy, 81(6), 2015, 962-968.
● R. Selvakumar, S. Aravindh, Anuradha Ashok, Yekkuni. L. Balachandran. “A facile synthesis of silver nanoparticle with SERS and antimicrobial activity using Bacillus subtilis exopolysaccharides”. Journal of Experimental Nanoscience. 9(10), 2014, 1075-1087.
● Yekkuni L.  Balachandran, Shanmugam Girija, Rajendran Selvakumar, Saowanit Tongpim, Arno C. Gutleb, Sarvajeyakesavalu Suriyanarayanan. “Differently environment stable bio-silver nanoparticles: Study on their optical enhancing and antibacterial properties”. PLOS ONE, 8(10), 2013, e77043.
● Anastasia Georgantzopoulou, Yekkuni L. Balachandran, Philipp Rosenkranz, Maria Dusinska, Anna Lankoff, Maria Wojewodzka, Marcin Kruszewski, Cédric Guignard, Jean-Nicolas Audinot, Shanmugam Girija, Lucien Hoffmann, Arno C. Gutleb. “Ag nanoparticles: size and surface dependent effects on model aquatic organisms and uptake evaluation with NanoSIMS”. Nanotoxicology, 7(7), 2013, 1168-1178.
● Yekkuni L. Balachandran, Pazhanisami Peranantham, Rajendran Selvakumar, Arno C. Gutleb, Shanmugam Girija. “Size-controlled green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using dual functional plant leaf extract at room temperature”. International Journal of Green Nanotechnology, 4(3), 2012, 310-325.
● S. Girija, Y.L. Balachandran, J. Kandakumar. “Plants as green nanofactories: Application of plant biotechnology in nanoparticle synthesis - A review”. Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, 10(3&4), 2009, 79-86.
● N. Gopalakrishnan, A.H. Prakash, Y.L. Balachandran. “Differential metabolic and RAPD expression during early fiber development in normal and its lintless mutant of cotton (GossypiumhirsutumL.)”. Indian J. Plant Physiol., 15 (4), 2010, 384-388.
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International /National conferences /Seminars /Symposiums papers presented
● A. Georgantzopoulou, A. Gutleb, S. Cambier, T. Serchi, A. Lankoff, M. Kruszewski, Y.L. Balachandran, P. Grysan, J. N. Audinot, J. Ziebel, C. Guignard, A.J. Murk. Inhibition of multixenobiotic resistance (MXR) transporters by silver nanoparticles and –ions in vitro and in vivo. Toxicology Letters 238S (2015), S56-S383, 5210.
● A.C. Gutleb, L. Cuny, Y.L. Balachandran, C. Guignard, J.N. Audinot, L. Hoffmann, A. Georgantzopolou. “Difference in effects of similar sized Ag NPs on an intestinal co-culture model: testing considerations and concerns”. Nano Safety 2013, Saarbrucken, Germany.
● T. Serchi, A. Georgantzopoulou, L. Cuny, J. Renaut, C. Leclercq, Y.L. Balachandran, M. Kruszewski, A. Lankoff, J.N. Audinot, L. Hoffmann, A.C. Gutleb. “Effects of silver nanoparticles on an intestinal co-culture model: A proteomic study”. 9th Siena Meeting: From genome to proteome: Open innovation. 2012, Siena, Italy.
● Y.L. Balachandran, S. Girija, K. Shivashanmugam, P. Zhang, and A.C. Gutleb. “SERS of colloidal silver nanoparticles prepared by simple green method using Ocimum sanctum plant leaf extract as a function of pH”. Colloids and Materials 2011, The First international symposium on colloids and materials, Amsterdam, Netherland.
● Georgantzopoulou, Y.L. Balachandran, P. Rosenkranz, M. Dusinska, M. Kruszewski, A. Lankoff, J.N. Audinot, L. Hoffmann, A. C. Gutleb. “Differences in uptake and toxicity of similar-sized Ag NPs in Daphnia magna”. International Conference on “Biological Responses to Nanoscale Particles”, 2011. University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany.
● Gopalakrishnan N, A.H. Prakash, Y.L. Balachandran. “Temporal Changes in Metabolically Important Enzymes and Solutes act as Trigger for Epidermal Cell Conversion to Fibre Initials in Cotton”. World Cotton Research Conference-5. 2011. pg 43.
● Y.L. Balachandran, S. Girija, P. Peranantham, G. Jaafar, and S. Magdassi. “Formation of variable structural forms of silver nanoparticle in aqueous leaf extract of Azadirachta indica”. Nano tech 2010, International nanotechnology Exhibition and conference, Tokyo, Japan.
● Yekkuni Lakshmanan Balachandran, Girija Shanmugam, Pazhanisami Peranantham, Arno C. Gutleb, and Solomo Magdassi. “Plasmonic and fluorescent properties of plant biomolecule capped silver nanoparticles”. Nanobio Europe 2010, International Congress & Exhibition on Nanotechnology Münster, Germany.
● Anastasia Georgantzopoulou, Marie Dusinska, Marcin Kruszewski, Y.L. Balachandran, Jean Nicolas Audinot, Lucien Hoffmann and Arno Gutleb. “Ag, TiO2 and SiO Nanoparticles: Effects on aquatic model organisms”. First Cross Border Conference on NanoSciences and Materials for Health (1st NanoSMH), 2010, Pont à Mousson.
● Georgantzopoulou, M. Dusinska, M. Kruszewski, Y.L. Balachandran, J.N. Audinot, L. Hoffmann, A.C. Gutleb. “Ag and TiO2 nanoparticles: Effects on model aquatic organisms” Annual Meeting du Belgian Society for Toxicology and Ecotoxicology (BELTOX), 2010. Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique.
● Georgantzopoulou, M. Dusinska, M. Kruszewski, Y.L. Balachandran, L. Hoffmann, A.C. Gutleb. “Ecotoxicological studies of TiO2 and Ag nanoparticles” Nanotoxicology2010, 2010. Edimbourg, Ecosse.
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