Current Projects:

  1. “深圳市跨尺度制造力学重点实验室”,核心成员,获批。
  2. “Development of Intelligent Machine for High-Quality Manufacturing”, Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, China, PI,  2020/01-2024/12.

  3. “Development of High-End Grinding Equipment and Study on Theory and Technology for Ultra-High-Speed Precision Grinding”, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, China, PI,  2020/08-2025/07.

  4. “High-End Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Research Initiatives”, Southern University Science and Technology, China, Co-PI, 2020/01-2022/12.
  5. “Research on Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance Superalloys”, Shenzhen Basic Research (Subject Layout) Project, JCYJ20170817111811303, major participants, 2018/01 – 2021/9.

  6. “Research on Key Technologies for Additive/Subtractive Hybrid Manufacturing”, Shenzhen International Cooperation Research Project, GJHZ20180411143506667, the only applicant,  2018/10 – 2020/09.

  7. “Research on Material Removal and Damage Control Mechanisms of High-Efficiency and Low-Damage Machining for Hard and Brittle Materials”, Shenzhen Peacock Technology Innovation Project, KQJSCX20180322152221965, the only applicant,2019/03 – 2021/03.

  8. “Research on Additive/Subtractive/Equal Hybrid Manufacturing of High-Temperature and High-Entropy Alloy for Hot-End Components of Aero-Engines”, Shenzhen Basic Research (Subject Layout) Project, JCYJ20180504165824643, major participants, 2019/01 – 2021/12.

  9. 激光散射检测半导体硅片亚表面损伤的基础研究,国家自然科学基金,2016/01-2019/12;

Completed Projects:

  1. "Friction-induced Chemical Reaction Mechanisms in Precision Grinding of Hard and Brittle Crystals with Low Damage", Chinese National Natural Science Foundation,2016/01-2018/12.
  2. "Development of Automated Fixture to Assemble Single Fractured Outer Race Spherical Plain Bearings”,RBC Bearings, Inc., 2012/09- 2013/05.
  3. "Fixture Design for Large Workpiece in Machining Center" ,Trumpf, 2012/09-2013/ 05.
  4. "Assembling Single Fractured Outer Race Spherical Plain Bearings",RBC Bearings, Inc., 2011/09- 2012/05.
  5. "Improved Clamp to Increase Damping of Tube Supports",Pratt & Whitney, 2011/09 -2012/05.
  6. "Sealing Pressurized Tank for Spray Coating", Inframat Corporation, 2010/05- 2011/04.
  7. "Design Modification of Single Rolling Element Fatigue Test Machine", RBC Bearings, 2009/09-2010/05

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