Research Interests

Active plasmonics, plasmonic metamaterials, chiral plasmonics, super-resolution imaging.
Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals; Liquid crystal elastomers.
Liquid crystal photonics; Molecular machines. 
Tunable photonic crystals, lasers, random lasers, microlenses, sensors, etc.
Light transport, diffusion, and localization in ordered & disordered structures.

Research Skills

∗Nano/Micro-scale photonic device fabrication on polymer/liquid-crystal composite materials using holographic technique or UV exposure. Familiar with the optical properties of liquid crystal based devices.
∗Hands-on experience with liquid crystal device fabrication processes including liquid crystalalignment, photolithography, vacuum injection, holography, etc.
∗Hands-on experience with nanoscale metallic structures (Au/Ag nanodiscs, nanoholes) based on nanosphere lithography.
∗Design and setup optical experiments. Excellent technical skills in the intensive use of optics,electronic instruments, and laser operations. Familiar with the measurement of beam profile, polarizations, lasing emission, photoluminescence, Transmission/Reflectance Spectrum, coherent backscattering (CBS), time-resolved optical measurement, etc.
∗Characterization techniques: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Dark/Bright Field Optical Microscopy,Leakage Radiation Microscopy, Polarizing Optical  Microscopy, Surface Profiler, LCD test equipments, etc.
∗Programming in photonic crystal structure simulation and bandgap calculation, physicalmodeling, computer-generated holograms, and beam profile analysis. Application software:MS office, Matlab, Origin, etc.

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