· Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH, The Interplay between Dynamic Constrained Optimisation and Coevolution for Evolvable Cooperative Systems,2019.01-2019.12, (PI: Xin Yao).

· EPSRC, EP/J00930X/1, New Control Methodology for the Next Generation of Engine Management Systems, 25/3/2013-24/9/2016, (PI: Hongming Xu, Co-I: Xin Yao).

· Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH, Simultaneous Engineering in Aerodynamic Design, 1/3/2013-30/9/2014, (PI: Xin Yao).

· EPSRC, EP/K001523/1, Evolutionary Computation for Dynamic Optimisation in Network Environments, 25/2/2013-24/2/2017, (PI: Xin Yao).

· EPSRC, EP/J017515/1, DAASE: Dynamic Adaptive Automated Software Engineering, 1/6/2012-31/5/2018, (PI: Mark Harman. Co-Is: Edmund Burke, John Clark, Jens Krinke and Xin Yao) .


Besides, Prof. Xin Yao has been involved in a number of scientific programs in China. For more information, please refer to the Chinese website. Thank you.

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