2017 - 2019 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Development Grant (associate investigator), project title “Superior surgical fixation using a novel orthopaedic expandable fastener”, $414,000

2011 - 2014 Australian Research Council, Linkage Awarded $840,000 from the ARC and $667,633 from Orthocell, EBonz, and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital as an Australian Research Council Linkage grant for the project “Bioengineered bioscaffolds for Achilles tendinopathy treatment” in partnership with UWA, University of Auckland and Griffith University. (Intensively participated in writing the grant and the only named research fellow in the grant), total $1,507,633.

2006 - 2010    NHMRC Industry Fellowship (sole investigator), project title “Developing confocal arthroscopy for in vivo visualizing the internal microstructure of articular cartilage for assessing early osteoarthritis”, $362,000.

2010          UWA Research Development Award (sole investigator), project title “Studying Altered Mechanical Behaviour of Articular Cartilage in Relation to Disruption of the Articular Surface and the Collagen Matrix”, $13,500.

2007         UWA Research Grant Scheme (sole investigator), project title “The Role of the Surface of Articular Cartilage in Maintaining Cartilage Matrix Integrity and Healthy Joints”, $25,000.

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