Part of the Research Projects:
(1) Research on key technologies of MEMS switching devices based on thin-layer single crystal graphite materials
(2) Research on graphene MEMS pressure sensor for aviation atmospheric data measurement
(3) Development of wearable ECG-heart sound integrated sensor and its application
(4) Development of environmental water quality monitoring system based on spectral data

Completed Research Projects:
(1) Finnish National Academy of Sciences "Using graphene nanomechanical resonators to approximate the quantum limit of thermal motion" project.
(2) MEMS RF front-end mixer pre-research project with Helsinki University of Technology and Nokia.
(3) RODIN suspended graphene nanostructure project under the EU FP7 framework.
(4) Research on quantum state graphene resonators in the Graphene Flagship project of the European Union.
(5) The Quantum Opto-Mechatronics Interface Project (iQUOEMS) funded by the European Academic Council (ERC).

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