Research funding (Research council awards)

□  Handling missing data and time-varying confounding in causal inference for observational event history data. MRC council, PI (£270,510, Aug 2017 to Oct 2020).

Limbs alive – monitoring of upper limb rehabilitation and recovery after stroke through gaming, Wellcome trust grant on HICF (Health Innovation Challenge Fund) with PI Prof. J A Eyre (total of 2.1 million pounds, Jan. 2012—Jan.2015).

-- One three-year full-time postdoctoral RA and one three-year half-time RA are based in the school of Maths & Stats and are under my supervision, working on statistical modelling, data analysis and validation.

-- I am the leader of Work Package 1: Data Analysis and Validation (one of four work packages).

□   Predictive Dynamic Modelling for Next Generation Processing (PI, EPSRC Case Project, Jan. 2008-Jun. 2011, £60,864)

□   Nonparametric Methods for Curve Fitting and Prediction with Large Data-set (PI, EPSRC, Jan. 2005-June 2007, £121,691, sole investigator)

Research funding (Other research awards)

□  Predictive Dynamic Modelling for Next Generation Processing (PI, £83,500 from BP Oil international Ltd, Jan. 2008-Jun. 2011)

□  Predictive Analysis (BP Postgraduate Project, Sept. 2007-Aug. 2009, £21,000, Principal Supervisor)

□  Optimal Dynamic Control in Gaussian Process Regression Model (overseas collaborator), SG$ 50,420, PI: Dr. J. Li, NUS, Singapore

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