[1] Shenzhen Sitan Technology Co., Ltd..,:"Micro-LED Mass Transfer Technology Service", host,K1942Z054,working

[2] National Natural Science Foundation of China National Key Scientific Research Instrument Development Project: "Micro-fluidic digital droplet central processor chip and platform system development",  participate, 31927802, working

[3] Shenzhen Innovation Environment Construction Plan: "Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Nanoprinting Technology (Establishment)", participate,ZDSYS20140509142721431, finished

[4] National Science Foundation - ECCS-EPMD :“CAREER: High-Performance Nanoscale Polymer Thin-Film Transistors for Integrated Circuit Applications", participate, NSF CMMI 0926379, finished

[5]   National Institutes of Health - NCRR : “A Novel All-Purpose Programmable and Scalable Biochip for Biomedical Applications”, participate, NIH. 32525-B1500, finished



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