Our research interests span co-design of novel electronic material, components, circuits, and form factor. We love to tread on the line of interdisciplinary boundaries between electronics and other research fields. We are investigating new materials, developing new devices, and implementing systems to address the challenges in Von-Neumann Computing and  Human-Machine interactions for the near future. Through adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, we aim to study the fundamentals of materials characteristics, and integrate them into useful devices into systems to realize frontier devices and system architectures.

Artificial intelligence based on deep neural network requires intensive computing requirements, and will greatly overwhelm current microelectronics systems. Three-dimensional (3D) computing system that encompasses embedded logic and memory devices provides a promising solution, but requires beyond-silicon technologies to complement. 

Low temperature processable semiconductors transistors for BEOL Integration

Here, we focus on the research and development of low temperature processable semiconductors (oxides, low-dimensional materials) suitable for BEOL integration. We conduct fundamental studies, device modelling and process integration, while providing guidance to promote cutting-edge research in the fields of materials science, new computing architecture and engineering.


Emerging Memories for Non von-Neumann Computing (In-memory computing)

To support more efficient neural network computing, the research will be oriented towards the development of the next generation of micro-electronic AI chips for in-memory analog computing. This means that the data will be processed in a physical location close to the storage unit without too much loss in data flow, enabling the low-power and high-speed edge computing that is sorely needed in the age of artificial intelligence. In this context, emerging non-volatile memory (NVM) is integrated with CMOS logic to support in-memory computing. Various emerging NVMS include magnetic memory (MRAM), phase change memory (PCM), conductive bridge memory (CBRAM), and metal oxide memristor (RRAM).

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