Research Funding

  1. Observation and model study on the influence of vertical variation of boundary layer on the evolution of ozone pollution events in South China, 2020-2023, ¥1000,000, PI. 

  2. Comparison and influence of economic development and human activities on coastal environment between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, 201901, ¥332,400, PI.

  3. High precision satellite remote sensing technology and public service platform development for PM2.5 pollution in Pearl River Delta Region, Guangdong special fund for science and technology development, 2017.09-2019.08, ¥500,000, PI.

  4. The establishment of the historical composite pollution case base in Pearl River Delta and quantitative analysis of their major meteorological characteristics, 2017-2018, ¥100,000, PI.

  5. Numerical studies of the source apportionment of secondary organic aerosol based on the volatility-basis-set approach, NSFC (Grant No. 41575106), 2016.01-2019.12, ¥768,000, PI.

  6. Remote sensing efficiency and recommendation for fine particulate matter by using orbiting satellites, Shanghai Institute of Satellite Engineering, 2016.01-2016.10, ¥200,000, PI.

Participated Project

  1. Comprehensive environmental monitoring and prediction of smart city based on big data and AI technology, 2019-2024, ¥60,000,000, Co-PI.

  2. Carbon metabolism mechanism of MGII Archaea and  their community interactions in coastal and estuarine areas, 2019-2022, ¥2,800,000, Co-PI.

  3. Framework Agreement for Airport Air Quality Data Analysis at the HK International Airport, Airport Authority, 2013.01-2016.01, $900.000, Co-PI

  4. Development of effective air quality management strategies for HK and the PRD,UGC,06-2013.04, $1,000,000, Co-PI

  5. Air Quality Improvement for the 16th Asian Game and Beyond, Fu Tak Iam Foundation Ltd, 2009.01-2011.04, $3,000,000, Co-PI

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