Researching Founds

  1. Key Programof the Ministry of Science and Technology (Key Technology and Support Platform for Materials Genetic Engineering): High-throughput preparation, characterization and screening of thermoelectric materials, the second sub-project leader. 7-2022.6. CNY, 4,310,000;
  2. General Program of NSFC: Research on Heterogeneous Grain Boundary Construction and Thermoelectric Performance Optimization of Mg2Sn-Mg3Sb2Composite Materials, Person in Charge, 2020.01.01-2022.12.31 CNY, 600,000;
  3. Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology ("Pearl River Talent Program" to introduce innovation and entrepreneurship team project): "Research on the artificial intelligent soft prosthetics", the first core member, 2017.7.1-2022.7.1, CNY 4,000,000;
  4. The 1000-person plan of the Central Organization Department (Youth Talents): Research on key technologies of high-performance thermoelectric materials and devices, responsible person, 2017.5-2020.5, CNY 3,000,000;
  5. Shenzhen Peacock Project (Class B): Research on Key Technologies of High Performance Thermoelectric Materials and Devices, Person in Charge, 2017.5-2020.5, CNY 5,000,000;
  6. Shenzhen (discipline layout): Research on the preparation of porous boron nitride nanomaterials and its adsorption characteristics of heavy metals in municipal wastewater,responsible person, 2018.04.09-2021.04.30 CNY: 3,000,000;
  7. High Energy Institute: Nuclear Single Crystal Growth Processing, responsible person, 2017.3-2017.8, CNY 150,000 (already completed)
  8. Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory: Shenzhen New Electronic Information Materials and Devices Engineering Research Center, project participation, 2018-2021, CNY 200,000
  9. Shenzhen Key Project of Long-Term Support Plan: Mg-based room-temperature thermoelectric materials, devices and systems for the application of self-supply,CNY 2,000,000

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