08/2010-06/2012, PhD, Kinematics of Deployable Structures Inspired by Origami, NTU

  • Two general kinematic models have been developed to represent the rigid origami inspired deployable sheets and tubular structures, respectively
  • Such deployable structures have one-DOF mobility and consist of degree-4 vertices and quadrilateral facets
  • Novel deployable structures have been obtained from the models. Applications range from packaging, medical devices, robotics to space structures


06/2012-03/2015, PhD, Experimental and Numerical Analysis on Miura-Ori Fold Core, NTU

  • Origami inspired Miura-ori fold core specimen were fabricated in cooperation with the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (A*Star), using materials including copolymer, foam, epoxy, silicone rubber, stone paper, etc., and fabrication methods including 3-D printing and compression moulding
  • Deformations and energy absorptions of the fold core were investigated by comprehensive mechanical tests and FE simulations in Abaqus, which showed advantages in comparison with conventional cores
  • Theoretical model were derived to explain the mechanics of the fold core


04/2015-05/2016, PostDoc, Development of a novel Energy Absorption Bolt, NTU

  • A new design of the rock bolt has been developed for the protective structures subjected to external explosion loading. Larger load-displacement capacity and long term corrosion protection have been achieved
  • Energy absorption capacity of the rock bolt has been investigated by tests and FE simulation, the design has then been optimized
  • The final product is ready for commercialization


08/2017-08/2018, Mechanical Engineer, handhold gimbal-camera design and modal simulation, DJI

  • In charge of the mechanical design of a new handhold gimbal-camera product, working with control engineer, hardware engineer, NPI, DFM, SQE teams to solve the problems encountered in the pilot productions.
  • Carried out modal simulation on the structure of Ronin II to improve its dynamic behavior.
  • Obtained 3 patents for the products I worked on, two of which were classified as Important Patent.


08/2018-08/2019, Senior Mechanical Engineer, development of dexterous hands for humanoid robot, UBTECH

  • In charge of the development of the dexterous hands for the humanoid robot Walker 2, which successfully showcased its capabilities in carrying out daily tasks at CES 2019 and its dance moves on the stage of the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala in Shenzhen.
  • working with KUKA as technical director, developed a desktop collaborative robotic arm for UBTECH Education.
  • Obtained 7 patents from my work, 3 of which are applying for US grant.


08/2019-now,Research Assistant ProfessorA Hybrid Gripper with High-payload and Proprioception, SUSTECH

  • Proposed a novel hybrid robotic gripper design with high-payload soft origami actuators and rigid supporting frames. The gripper outputs substantially higher force over state-of-the-art soft grippers, while retaining the excellent inherent compliance thanks to the novel soft origami actuators being used.
  • By only using the embedded pneumatic pressure sensor, a novel scheme of multi-actuator proprioception was proposed to enable the hybrid gripper with environmental awareness.
  • A conference paper has been submitted to ICRA2020. The prototype has been displayed at 2019 China Hi-Tech Fair, receiving a lot of interest from academic and industry professionals.

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