Study on Attributes and Trends of River Water Quality Response to Climate Change: an Elasticity Perspective. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51509061), 2016-2018, as the principal investigator (PI).
Risk Communication and Emergency Treatment Oriented Probabilistic Early-warning Models for Freshwater Spills Response. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (Grant No. 2014M551249), 2014-2015, as the PI.
Information Entropy Theory Based Monitoring-Warning-Source Identification Technology for Freshwater Chemical Spills. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51779066), 2018-2021, as a Co-PI (2nd)
Is Complex Networks a Generic Theory of Water Environmental Science? –Explore the Statistics, Mechanism and Applications. Natural Science Research Innovation Foundation of HIT (Grant No.2017060), 2016-2017, as the PI.
Typical Urban Water Environment Investigation and Database Construction. Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (Grant No. MH2016035), 2016-2017, as the PI.
Early Warning and Emergency Treatment Technology for Water Pollution Incidents in South-to-North Water Division Projects, National Water Pollution Control and Management Technology Major Projects (Grant No.2012ZX07205-005), 2012-2017, as a Co-PI.
“Membrane Separation-Microwave Enhanced Fenton” Advanced Treatment Technology and Mechanism Investigation, Independent Project of State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resource and Environment (Grant No. 2015DX03), 2015-2016, as a Co-PI.
Screening and Assessment of Emergency Treatment Technology for Environmental Pollution Incidents. Special Fund for Environmental Protection Research in the Public Interest (Grant No. 201209048), 2012-2015, as a Co-PI.
Point Source Monitoring and Early Warning / Emergency Response Information System on Songhua River, Major Science and Technology Project of Heilongjiang Province (Grant No.GA06C201-01), 2006-2008, as a Co-PI.
Pilot Project of Incident Management Decision Support System for Responding to Severe Transboundary Spills, National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program) (Grant No. 2007AA06A411), 2007-2011, as a Co-PI.
Water Quality Tendency Analysis and Control Strategies for Harbin Reach in Songhua River Impacted by Dadingzi Mountain Hydro-junction Facility, Research Grants for Harbin Environmental Protection Administration (Grant No. RC2011XK015008), 2010-2012, as a Co-PI.
Comprehensive Study on Technical Countermeasure and Emergency Decision Support System to Songhua River Spill, National Key Science and Technology Project (Grant No. 2006BA618A-06), 2006-2007, as a Co-PI.

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