1) Design and synthesis of organic photoelectric functional materials and their application in new energy and biological detection.
2) Design, synthesis and photovoltaic device application of two-dimensional conjugated polymer substituted by chlorine, general project of NSFC
3) Photovoltaic performance regulation mechanism of non fullerene organic solar cells, key project of NSFC
4) Long life metal complex photoelectric functional device, 973 sub project of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China
5) Self assembly of block copolymers with conjugated structure and its application in solar cells, general program of Guangdong Natural Science Foundation
6) Design, synthesis and device research of organic non fullerene receptor materials, basic research project (discipline layout) of Shenzhen Science and technology innovation Commission
7) Controllable self-assembly and device performance research of two-dimensional micro nano semiconductor copolymers, general project of NSFC

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