Achieving carbon neutralization before 2060 is the most important goal for the development of energy system in China. Nowadays, non-carbon-based power technologies, including solar power, wind power, hydropower and nuclear power, have been greatly developed, are booming. It is predictable that in a near future, the cost of electricity from these non-carbon-based energy source will be comparable, or even lower than that from combustion of fossil fuels. As the cost of electricity is low, electrolysis techniques, for the purposes of energy storage, CO2 fixation and producing valuable chemicals, will become key steps to close the carbon cycle. Therefore, our research will be focused on developing new electrocatalytic reactions, new electrocatalysts, and new designs of electrolyzers.

The research topics include:

  1. Structure-performance correlation of catalysts for CO2 electro-reduction;
  2. Producing multi-carbon products from CO electro-reduction;
  3. Electrocatalytic organic synthesis;
  4. etc.

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