Project Name: New circulating free nucleic acid technology international cooperation project

Project sponsor: Apostle Inc, USA; Shenzhen Apostle-Sustech Ltd.; Southern University of science and technology


Circulating free DNA is a biomarker of clinical value in tumor, prenatal diagnosis, septicemia, meningitis, organ transplantation and other fields. But its concentration is very low, and its sensitivity and accuracy are challenged.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ge, he has applied for a number of innovative free nucleic acid technology patents in the international cooperation project of industry, University and research. He has obtained 6.31 million yuan of funding, including 5.68 million US dollars from Silicon Valley professional institutions in the United States and 24.5 million yuan from Shenzhen institutions. The project was selected as one of the top 20 bio space North American biotechnology upstarts in 2018, and was selected as the startx Stanford best entrepreneur program of Stanford University in 2018. It has been highly recognized by Beckman Coulter, one of the leaders of global life science and technology in the United States, and officially authorized to enter into the exclusive global cooperation.

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