Quantum dynamics is the study of the mathematics behind quantum mechanics.Specifically, as a study of dynamics, this field investigates how quantum mechanical observables change over time. Most fundamentally, this involves the study of one-parameter automorphisms of the algebra of all bounded operators on the Hilbert space of observables (which are self-adjoint operators). These dynamics were understood as early as the 1930s, after Wigner, Stone, Hahn and Hellinger worked in the field. Recently, mathematicians in the field have studied irreversible quantum mechanical systems on von Neumann algebras.


  • Currently, I am interested in the following fields:

Driven quantum system dynamics


Physics of solid state quantum computing


Quantum algorithm 





1. Quantum control
-- Physical realization of quantum logic gates
-- Optimization of control waveform and quantum circuit

2. Periodically driven system and discrete time crystal


1. Superconducting qubits and Circuit QED

2. Hybrid qubits and hybrid network

3. Decoherence mechanism and open quantum system

4. Dispersive measurement


1. Digital/analog quantum simulation

2. Quantum machine learning

3. Quantum error correction and graph state


  • Current work of our group:
  1. Dynamically-corrected quantum gates
  2. New architecture for superconducting qubits 
  3. Quantum optimal control
  4. Open quantum system under periodical driving
  • Funded projects:
  1. 广东省重大专项-超导量子计算
  2. 北京市重大专题-超导量子计算

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