Jan. 2018-Dec. 2020

“Re-use and recycling of decommissioned composite material wind turbine blades”, under the US-Ireland Tri-partite research scheme (grant total value about 1.3m USD with partners at City University New York and Georgia Institute of Technology in the US, and University College Cork in the Republic of Ireland), QUB grant funded by the NI Department for the Economy: £299,194, JF Chen (PI), J. McKinley and R. Morrow.

Dec. 2017-Nov. 2019

“A ductile, high energy absorptive and rapid post tensioning system for extending life of concrete structures”, H2020-MSCA-IF-2016, JF Chen (PI), Soutsos, M. and Amato G., £141,119 (€183,454.80) (Project No. 753903 — SMArtPlate).


“Behaviour and design of steel reinforced concrete or steel-concrete link beams confined by winding FRP tube” (430,000RMB), JF Chen (PI) and JL Zhao, hosted at Wenzhou University. A sub-project ofThis is a subproject of “Standardisation of fibre reinforced polymer winding tubular members and their new structural systems” (total 2,450,000RMB, the other subprojects are at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tsinghua University and Xian University of Building Technology), which is in turn the the 13th Five-Year Plan Project  “Key technology and applications of high-performance fibre reinforced polymer composites and new structural systems” (total 17,410,000RMB, funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China).


“Low Carbon footprint Precast Concrete products for an energy efficient built environment (LowCoPreCon)”, Malaysia-UK Research and Innovation Bridges Competition for Collaborative R&D Funding 2015, Innovate UK – Technology Strategy Board, EPSRC (the Newton-Ungku Omar Fund), project No. 102721(http://gtr.rcuk.ac.uk/projects?ref=102721, https://pure.qub.ac.uk/portal/en/projects/low-carbon-footprint-precast-concrete-products-for-an-energy-efficient-built-environment(f3425bb5-1eb5-4805-b858-4985f359340e).html). Total grant value £910,348 (UK) + RM3,147,173 (Malaysia Malaysian Ringgit). M Soutsos, JF Chen (CI), S Cox, A Long, G Selim & W Sha, RGD Application ID: 22744-1, £552,479 (to QUB). (November 2016 – April 2019)


“Collaborative CASE PhD Studentship”, Creagh Concrete, RGD Application ID: 22968-1, M Soutsos, JF Chen (CI) & D Robinson, £24,000.01/06/2016 - 30/11/2019.


“Study of FRP confined seawater sea-sand concrete”, Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Project No. 51578423, RMB747,000 (hosted at Wenzhou University), JF Chen (PI) et al.


“Innovative low carbon concretes with greater use of ash for environmentally friendly building”, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), Creagh Concrete Ltd., £127,499 (M Soutsos, S Wei, JF Chen (CI), S Nanukuttan & D Robinson).


“Tunnel lining system with improved fire resistance”, EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Funding Award, £14,933, JF Chen (PI), Dec. 2016-Mar 2017.


“Low Carbon Footprint construction for sustainable built environments and future cities”, EPSRC Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) Workshop Awards, £29,851, G Selim, M Soutsos & JF Chen (CI).


“Non–conventional, recyclable, construction materials for infrastructure renewal”, Royal Academy of Engineering, DVF1516\4\25, £5930, JF Chen (PI) & M Soutsos.


“REcovery and uSe of Cement kIlN Dust as the alkali activator for Geopolymeric (Cementless) Concrete Building Blocks (RESCIND)”, EPSRC/InovativeUK, EP/N508962/1, £194,480, M Soutsos, W Sha, R Doherty and JF Chen (CI).


“Study on the size effect of RC beams shear-strengthened with FRP”, Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Project No. 51378130, RMB830,000 (hosted at Guangdong University of Technology), GM Chen, JF Chen (CI) et al.


“Fatigue crack propagation in CFRP strengthened deficient steel structures subject to hygrothermal environment”, Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Project No. 51278131, RMB800,000 (hosted at Guangdong University of Technology), J Deng, JF Chen (CI) et al.


“Transporting, handling and storing behaviour of iron ore fines”, LKAB, £200,000 (JF Chen (PI) and JY Ooi).


Modelling, measurement and mill fingerprinting”, International Fine Particles Research Institute (IFPRI), $36k per year x 6 years = USD$216000, (JY Ooi, J Sun and JF Chen (CI)).


The use of FRP composites to achieve high performance and longevity for major engineering structures”, a national 973 research project in China led by Prof. Zhishen Wu (~32 million RMB), I was an investigator of the team (CI).


Carbon Storage in Concrete”, EPSRC Unspent Grant Balances 2012, £29,245 (JF Chen (PI) & O Masek).


PARticle Systems: Training on DEM Simulation for Industrial and Scientific Applications (PARDEM)”, Marie Curie Initial Training Networks, 3.3 million Euros (Prof. JY Ooi, Dr M Crapper & JF Chen (CI)).


Maximizing the resilience of constructed systems under exceptional conditions”, Scotland-China Higher Education Research Partnership for PhD Studies, £24,996 (Y Lu, AS Usmani, JF Chen (CI) & LA Bisby).


CASE studentship, EPSRC, ~£90,000 (JY Ooi & JF Chen (CI)).


CASE studentship, EPSRC, ~£90,000 (JY Ooi & JF Chen (CI)).


 “Develop a robust DEM model calibration methodology for industrial applications”, Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the University of Edinburgh and DEM Solutions Ltd, KTP No. KTP006959, £87,311 (JY Ooi & JF Chen (CI)) (project did not proceed due to recruitment difficulties – not counted as income).


"Fire resistance and repair of earthquake damaged structures", UKIERI Higher Education Research Awards, £145,820 (AS Usmani & JF Chen (CI) et al.).


 “Full scale fire tests on a reinforced concrete high rise structure in Glasgow”, £58000, EPSRC, EP/E025315/1 (M Gillie, AS Usmani & JF Chen (CI)).


Bond strength between FRP and concrete and application to shear strengthening of RC structures”, £17,100, the Royal Society (under Royal Society-NSFC China-UK  Joint Project Grant Scheme) (JF Chen (PI) & J.M. Rotter) (PI: Prof. JM Rotter, Co-PI: JF Chen – The application was initiated and mainly developed and is being carried out by Chen. Rotter was added as PI because of eligibility concerns).


Behaviour and strength of FRP strengthened RC beams”, Hong Kong Research Grant Council, $HK1.03m (JG Teng of Hong Kong Polytechnic University & JF Chen (CI), hosted in Hong Kong).This was the largest grant in civil engineering in HK in the year.Grant remains with PI in HK but it covers the expenses for me to travel to HK for one month per year for three years (about HK$150,000»£11,000).


Isolation of Machine Foundation Vibration”, Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, China, RMB100,000 (JF Chen & YQ Li).


A Study of Reinforced Concrete Door-Frames with Large Reinforced Concrete Defence Arch Doors”, the People's Liberation Army, China, RMB250,000 (BQ Song & JF Chen).

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