Active Funding

1. 2020-2021  Department of science and technology of Guangdong  province,International science and technology cooperation projects   ‘转录抑制因子调控人的多能干细胞上的机制及应用研究’

2. 2019-2021  National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Research Fund for International Young Scientists   'Analysis of cell type cross-talk to understand stress induced initiation of NOD2/LRRK2-linked Crohn‘’s disease'

3. 2020-2023  National Natural Science Foundation of China, General Project   ‘TEs转座因子在确定多能干细胞染色质三维结构中的作用’


Completed Funding

1. 2018-2019   Shenzhen science and technology innovation commission,Basic research (free exploration program)     ‘基因编辑的hESC分化成巨噬细胞的系统生物学方法分析作为克罗恩病的疾病模型(Use of hESCs macrophages as a model for Crohn’s disease)’

2.2015-2018    National Natural Science Foundation of China, General Project  ‘不同阶段胚胎干细胞与早期原始胚胎干细胞的调控模块分析(Regulatory modules and transcriptional control in diverse embryonic stem cells and the early embryo)’

3.2015-2016   Postdoctoral Research Funding (China) Special award

4.2014-2016   Postdoctoral Research Funding (China)


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