My group at SUSTech is currently at its initial stage and I am expecting it to grow fast. We have several positions available now for postdoc, PhD and Masters students.

Postdoc positions are available for the following topics:

  1. To develop predicting and control tools for thermoacoustic instabilities in multi-burner combustors,
  2. To develop vortex-sound-entropy coupling models for predicting and damping of thermoacoustic instabilities,
  3. Other relevant topics (to be discussed).


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Develop theoretical models.
  2. Validate the models by comparing with numerical/experimental results.
  3. Incorporate these models into low-order network models for predicting and damping thermoacoustic instabilities.
  4. Liaise with collaborators at Imperial College London (UK), KTH (Sweden), Tsinghua and Beihang to validate predictions.
  5. Prepare results for publication and dissemination via presentations, scientific papers, outreach activities and public/industrial engagement.
  6. Be a key member of the research group and perform reasonable tasks related to the furtherance of the project and group aims.
  7. To observe and comply with all university policies and regulations, including the key policies and procedures on Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest, Business Continuity, Data Protection, Equal Opportunities, Ethics related, External Interests, Financial Regulations, Health and Safety, Information Technology and Smoking etc.
  8. Job descriptions cannot be exhaustive and the postholder may be required to undertake other duties, which are broadly in line with the above key responsibilities.


Payment: about CNY 335k/year, with possible annual bonus, housing stipend etc. Exceptionally competitive applicants can apply for the President Excellent Postdoc (about CNY 415k/year) and oversea applicants can apply for the Excellent Postdoc scheme from Guangdong province.

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