We are always seeking enthusiastic and talented Research Assistant Professors, Post-doc Research Associates, Research Assistants.

We have various openings in the “Soft Mechanics Lab” for research assistant professors, postdoctoral researchers, research assistants, visiting scholars/postgraduates, and PhD programs with internationally competitive salary. Researchers and students interested in mechanics, materials and applications of soft matters (with background in mechanics, material sciences, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etc.) are welcome to get in touch and join our lab.  Please send a cover letter explaining your qualifications and research plan for the position, a CV with a list of publications, and the contact details of two referees to the email: yangch@sustech.edu.cn. The subject of the email should be "Job position + name + age + gender".  Also indicate the time available for arrival in the email. After the initial confirmation of the intention, we will invite candidates to the Southern University of Science and Technology for an on-site interview.

1.Research Assistant Professorship position


1) Candidates should hold a PhD degree in Mechanics, Material Sciences, Mechanical Engineering or related fields.

2) Postdoctoral work experience in overseas or domestic research universities or research institutions or higher-level scientific research work for more than 2 years.  

3) Published more than two papers as the first author in peer-reviewed top journals in relevant fields;

4) Exceptionally self-motivated and be able to conduct scientific researches on relevant field directions of the group.


Job responsibilities

1) Assist the PI and participate in the project researches of the group;

2) Complete the research of the project and publish peer-reviewed papers on top journals in relevant fields;

3) Apply for research funding to support research projects;

4) Help supervise students.


The positions are for two years initially, renewable depending on funding availability;

Annual salary >= 35k RMB, including housing & dining stipends and festival bonus, plus contributions to superannuation, medical insurance, etc.; Negotiable according to the applicant’s background.

Eligible to apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other national, provincial and municipal projects;

3) Qualified applicants can apply for 1.6 or 2 million allowance supported by the government of Shenzhen city.


2.Postdoctoral position

Qualifications and Job responsibilities

1) PhD degree, major in Mechanics, Material Sciences, Mechanical Engineering or related field. Applicants with first authored or co-authored peer-reviewed top journals in relevant fields will be considered first;

2) Easy-going, teamwork, self-motivated and hard-working.

3) Assist to establish experiment systems and advise master's/doctoral students;

4) Fluent in English; no more than 35 years old, obtain PhD degree within 3 years.



The positions are for two years initially, renewable depending on funding availability. The employment period is two years, and the annual salary starts at 330k RMB, including Guangdong Province's living allowance of 150,000 yuan and Shenzhen's living

allowance of 60kRMB. Social insurance and housing provident are covered according to the relevant regulations of Shenzhen. Post-doctoral welfare fees are paid in accordance with the school’s staff standards;

Outstanding candidates can apply for the Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship with annual salary of ~400k RMB;



1) A travel grant of 25,000 RMB in two years for attending academic conferences and workshops, etc.

2) Particularly outstanding candidates can apply for the principal's excellent postdoc, with an annual salary of more than 500kRMB. (Including Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Subsidies)

2) Qualified applicants can apply for a one-time rent and living compensation of 30k RMB (tax-free);

3) Qualified applicants can apply for "Guangdong overseas young postdoctoral program", with a total funding of 600k RMB for 2 years. Further support of 400k RMB might be available depending on the qualifications.

4) Eligible for various funding sources, such as scientific research projects of China postdoctoral science foundation, national natural science foundation, and other funding supported by the governments of Guangdong province and Shenzhen city.

5)Boxin Program selects 400 fresh or recent graduates of outstanding doctoral students, the funding standard of two years is 630kRMB, of which 400kRMB is for the daily expenses , 200kRMB is for science funding, 30kRMB is for international exchange funding.


3.Research Assistant

Recruitment requirements:

1) Bachelor degree or master degree in mechanics, material sciences, mechanical engineering, applied physics, etc;

2) Teamwork, self-motivated and hard-working;

3) Fluent in English.


Job responsibilities

1) Assist in the construction and management of the lab;

2) Conduct scientific researches and paper writing.



1) Annual salary >= 100k RMB;

2) Enjoy national holidays and paid leave according to school regulations;

3) Allowance for festivals, meals; free physical examination, and bonus, etc.

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