Recruiting 2 Postdoctoral Researchers


About the PI/ Research Focus

Zilong Wang, Assistant Professor (Tenure-track A/P), School of Medicine, Southern University of Science and Technology. Zilong Wang received his Ph.D. degree from Lanzhou University in 2017. He completed his postdoctoral training at Duke University from 2017 to 2021. His research interests have been committed to the molecular and neural mechanisms of pain and itch, as well as the development of novel analgesics and antipruritic drugs. His recent research interests include (1) the identification of the underlying mechanisms and new targets of pain and itch; (2) the immune-neuron interaction in pain and itch; (3) cancer, diabetic, chemotherapy, and nerve injury induced pathological pain; (4) Cellular and molecular mechanisms of opioid analgesia and its side effects; (5) the development of analgesic or antipruritic drugs related to ion channels. Related results have been published in journals such as "Science Translational Medicine", "Brain", "Gastroenterology", and "Neuron".

Your Qualifications

All candidates should have a background in Biology, Biomedical, or Bioinformatics research.

Basic requirements 1. Have obtained a Doctorate degree in related majors. 2. Candidates with demonstrated research experiences in related fields are preferred. 3. Have good English writing skills and Chinese or English communication skills.

Post-doctoral salary

  1. The post-doctoral employment period is two years, with an annual salary of 330,000 RMB, including a Guangdong Province support of 150,000 RMB and a Shenzhen support of 60,000 RMB. Post-doctoral welfare is provided in accordance with the staff standards. 2. Particularly outstanding candidates can apply for the principal's outstanding postdoc, with an annual salary of more than 410,000 RMB.


Please send your up-to-date CV and the contact information of two references to Dr. Zilong Wang ( or

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