The research group is now looking for postdoctoral and research assistant positions. The specific requirements are as follows:

I. major:
Chemistry, physics, materials, textile and other related majors;

II. Education background:
Doctor, master

III. recruitment conditions:

Researchers with the following working experience joined the research group.
1. Research background in organic synthesis, materials and surface chemistry, conjugated polymers, self-assembly of organic molecules, solar cells, lithium ion, lithium air (oxygen) cells, non-noble metal catalysts, or surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy.

2. People skilled in hot spinning and wet spinning.

IV. Application materials:
1. Detailed resume, including study, work and scientific research experience, list of main scientific research achievements (such as thesis, achievement certificate or reward) and contact information;

2. Name and effective contact information of 1-2 recommender;

3. Other materials that can prove the working ability.

V. post treatment (postdoctoral):
1. The annual salary is more than 340000 yuan, including 180000 yuan / year (tax-free) supported by Shenzhen Municipal Finance with living allowance (including housing allowance, five insurances and one fund, holiday allowance, meal allowance and other welfare benefits);

2. For the work of leaving the station and staying in Shenzhen, the housing subsidy of 1.6-2 million yuan can be obtained if it meets the reserve level or peacock plan talent conditions of Shenzhen;

3. Those who have overseas study experience who leave the station to stay in Shenzhen for scientific research can apply for 3-5 million peacock plan research start-up funds. At the same time, it enjoys social security and superior welfare, provides good office conditions and school housing, and provides opportunities for exchanges and visits to world-class scientific research institutes.

VI. application process
1. The applicant shall send the detailed application materials to the email: Please indicate "name + Graduate School of doctor (Master) degree + applied position" in the email title. The application materials shall include: (1) detailed resume; (2) original representative thesis;

2. The preliminary candidates will be informed of telephone interview or video interview within one week;

3. Those who have passed the telephone interview will be invited to the field interview of the University of South Science and technology, and those who have passed the field interview will go through the post doctoral entry formalities in accordance with the relevant procedures.

Contact information:

Recruitment website:

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