The department are dedicated to educate students and to advance research in computer science and information technology; as well as to assist in the development and growth of the information industry in the region. The Department offers a full range of courses to meet the needs of its own students and those from other departments. Its programs lead to the BEng, MPhil, and PhD degrees. Aside from taking computer science courses, students are encouraged to design individual study plans tailored to their own interests.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering in Southern University of Science and Technology is founded in 2016. We have 27 professors in our department, all of whom are holding doctoral degree or have years of experience in research and teaching from renowned university overseas. Among them, two are IEEE fellows. Our department aims to develop a high-quality international faculty team with 45 teachers. We will focus on five directions including computing intelligence, autonomous systems, data science, computer systems and networks, theoretical computer etc. We aim to build an international top-class department in computer science field.

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