Southern University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Southern University of Science and Technology") is a national experimental school for comprehensive reform of higher education, which has been given the important mission of exploring the modern university system with Chinese characteristics and exploring the training mode of innovative talents. The Southern University of Science and Technology promotes the pioneering spirit of "daring to try, seeking truth and pragmatism, reforming and innovating, and pursuing excellence", highlighting the school-running characteristics of "Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship", and vigorously cultivates innovative talents. The goal is to build an international high-level research university, china's major scientific and technological research and top innovative talent training important base.

In order to improve the scientific and flexible enrollment of doctoral students in our school, give full play to the role of tutors and expert groups in doctoral student enrollment, in line with the principle of promoting top-notch innovative talent selection, is conducive to fairness and fairness, our university doctoral student enrollment fully implement the "application-assessment" system. The "application-assessment" is conducted twice a year, the first in the fall semester and the second in the spring semester. The relevant provisions and arrangements for the first "application-assessment" of the first "application-assessment" of doctoral student enrollment in 2020 are as follows.

First, the application conditions

1. Citizens of the People's Republic of China.

2. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, have the correct political direction, love the motherland, is willing to serve the socialist modernization drive, abide by the law, and be of good character.

3. Personnel who have obtained a master's degree or a new master's degree graduate (at the latest must obtain a master's degree before admission). Overseas students are required to obtain a master's degree certificate and provide the Ministry of Education's Study Abroad Service Center academic certification.

4, there are at least two candidates in the professional field of the associate professor and above the title (or equivalent professional title) of the expert written recommendation.

5, physical health conditions in line with the prescribed medical examination standards.

Second, the category of enrollment

The independent training of doctoral students of the University of Southern Science and Technology only enrolls full-time non-directed doctoral students, who must be fully out of production for study, and during the school period personnel files shall be transferred to our university in accordance with the provisions.

In 2020, our university will continue to train with Harbin University of Technology to train doctoral students, the joint training program can recruit part-time targeted doctoral students, please follow up the program admission notice.

Third, the admission sanic and academic system

Admissions majors, tutors and research directions can be found at (continuously updated before the official enrollment begins) or the website of each admissions department, the basic system of doctoral students admitted in the "application-assessment" format is 4 years.

Fourth, the application process

1. Registration and submission of materials

Candidates need to register online, registration url: / (no China Research and Recruitment Network account please log in after registration), before registration should carefully check whether I meet the application conditions, and in accordance with the provisions to fill in the registration information, upload the required registration materials. At the end of the registration process, applicants are required to carefully prepare the following materials:

(1) "Southern University of Science and Technology 2020 application for examination of the doctoral candidate application form" (Annex 1, fill in the reference to the registration system instructions).

(2) A short list of online registration information for doctoral students (printed after successful online registration, and stamped with the official seal of the unit or school where the file is located).

(3) A copy of the "Survey and Recommendation Form for Postgraduate Tutors for Doctoral Degrees at Southern University of Science and Technology" (Annex 2) completed by the candidate sits. (The instructor evaluates the applicant's basic theory, professional knowledge and knowledge structure, scientific research ability and innovation ability, foreign language application ability, comprehensive quality and training potential in an appropriate manner, fills out the appraisal record truthfully, and gives the appraisal opinion)

(4) Two letters of recommendation (Annex 3) of associate professors and above professional titles (or equivalent professional and technical titles) experts applying for examination in related fields of subjects. The applicant does not write a letter of recommendation, such as the applicant's doctoral tutor and the tutor studying for a master's degree are different teachers, one of which is in principle written by the applicant's tutor while pursuing a master's degree.

(5) An individual statement (in an unlimited format) containing a brief experience of my studies, work and academic research, motivation and objectives for pursuing a Ph.D., academic or professional background and interests, career goals and planning.

(6) Scientific research ideas to be undertaken during the study of a ph.D. (in an unlimited format).

(7) The undergraduate and master's course study transcripts (to be stamped by the teaching unit or file preservation unit), foreign language grade certificateor or copy of the transcript.

(8) Master's degree thesis (previous students) or master's degree thesis opening report (new students).

(9) Copies of published academic papers, periodical cover and catalogues, copies of unpublished papers and certificates of employment have been hired. If the paper is included by EI or SCI, a copy of the article search certificate shall be provided, and if the journal published in the paper is eI or SCI source, but the paper has not been retrieved, a copy of the journal's source certificate of EI or SCI shall be provided.

(10) Other relevant materials that can reflect my academic level and ability.

(11) A copy of the undergraduate and master's diploma and degree certificate (student card), and a certificate (student status) certification report for the undergraduate and master's degree (see annex 4).

The above materials are added by the applicant catalog, and in accordance with the above-mentioned order of glue (graduation thesis specifications) after the book submitted or expressed to the University of Southern Science and Technology, the Department of Graduate Education Office (express documents please indicate "doctor's registration materials", loose pages, with clips or staples simple nail ingenuity and other ways to mail or submit materials will not be accepted). Applicants are also invited to send the electronic version of all application materials in the form of a pdf to the admissions mailbox of the department, the subject of the mail and the attachment file name please be marked as "Name and application of the University of Southern Science xx Department of The Department of Doctor." Applicants must ensure that the information and submissions filled in are true and accurate, that applicants who fill in false information or provide false materials will be disqualified at any time if they are found, and that they will no longer be allowed to apply for a PhD in our university in the future.

2. Material review

Candidate's application materials will be the candidate's department first to carry out the form review, the form of examination is correct, by the department organization experts on the application materials for the first instance, recommend outstanding students to enter the next stage of assessment. The main basis for the evaluation of the first instance of the faculty is as follows:

(1) The candidate's undergraduate and master's degree learning experience and achievements;

(2) Candidates engaged in the field of examination in the field of work experience, scientific research achievements have been achieved and published high-level academic articles;

(3) Candidates continue to study for the doctoral degree graduate students have the professional knowledge, scientific research ability, comprehensive quality and training potential;

(4) Other factors related to the candidate's postgraduate study for a ph.d.

3. Foreign language proficiency assessment

Applicants who pass the first examination of their qualifications to conduct an English proficiency assessment and meet one of the following conditions may be exempted from the foreign language proficiency assessment. The specific arrangements for the foreign language examination shall be announced.

(1) The national university foreign language level 6 test results reached 450 points and above;

(2) TOEFL scores of 80 points and above (IBT);

(3) IELTS scores reach 6.0 points and above;

(4) GRE score of 300 points and above (new);

(5) GMAT score 650 points and above;

(6) WSK (PETS-5) pass the exam;

(7) The national university foreign language major eight-level examination TEM-8 qualified;

(8) A certificate or diploma in foreign language sanclevelism at the undergraduate or master's degree;

(9) Personnel who have more than 1 year (including 1 year) full-time study experience abroad (English in the main daily language and the language of instruction), this part of the personnel are required to provide proof and transcriptofy of their study experience abroad.

4. Comprehensive assessment

Comprehensive assessment is organized by each department. Comprehensive assessment can be carried out by means of written examination, experiment, interview and writing scientific research report, the specific assessment content, score and method shall be determined by the departments. After the comprehensive assessment is completed, each department shall determine the assessment results in accordance with the requirements of the school and the assessment plan of the unit and report the results to the graduate school.

5. Admission

The school shall determine the list of students to be admitted according to the recommendation opinions of the tutor' assessment, the preliminary examination conclusion of the material, the results of the foreign language level assessment and the comprehensive assessment result, and combine the enrollment status of the faculty and the tutor. Applicants are required to enter the school in the fall of 2020, but must obtain a master's degree before admission.

Tuition fees and scholarships

The school offers competitive scholarships to graduate students. According to the spirit of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education, graduate students are required to pay their tuition fees in accordance with the regulations. Our school 2020 level of graduate fees and scholarships management methods in accordance with the relevant provisions of the school.

Six, the relevant requirements

1. "Application-assessment" system to recruit doctoral students from start to finish to adhere to the principle of openness, fairness and fairness, strict procedures transparent, operating norms, the results are open.

2. The application materials submitted by the applicant will no longer be refunded.

3. Each department shall, on the basis of the provisions of the school, formulate the work programme of the unit, which includes: member of the doctoral student admission series, members of the supervisory team, comprehensive assessment plan and comprehensive assessment sorting rules, etc., and report it to the Research and Recruitment Office for the record.

4. The implementation of the "application-assessment" system for doctoral student enrollment has further expanded the autonomy of the admission of doctoral tutors, who should make full use of this method and actively organize outstanding doctoral students.

Seven, the timing

5 November - 24 November
Applicants register online
Applicant submits or delivers application materials
Until 6 December
Department conducts formal review and material initial examination, and publishes the results of the audit
14 December morning
Foreign language proficiency assessment
14 December afternoon-20
Comprehensive assessment of the organizations of each department
January 2020
Organize admissions and announce the results of the proposed admissions

Eight, contact information

1. Southern University of Science and Technology Research and Recruitment Office:

Phone: 0755-88015791/88015888



2. Southern University of Science and Technology School of Medicine:

Tel: 0755-88018049 Mr. Wei


Material mailing address: 1088 Southern University of Science and Technology Biological Building 501-1, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, 0755-88018049

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