Job responsibilities:

To assist foreign professors in the establishment and running a chemistry laboratory. Routine jobs will include maintain a stock of chemicals, assisting with the purchase of new technical equipment, conducting and organizing training for routine laboratory work, assisting with routine analysis of samples, coordinating laboratory access for students, organizing shipments of samples and equipment around the world.

Our areas of interest will be in coastal oceanography (analysis of nutrients, metals, organic compounds). We will work closely with other members of the Chemical Oceanography group at SUSTech. Subject to the interests of the applicant, there will be optional opportunities to travel abroad (joining research cruises in the Atlantic or Pacific), to contribute to research papers, and/or to produce promotional material for the group/department.

Job requirements:

  1. Undergraduate (BSc) degree in Chemistry, Biology, Oceanography, Marine Science, Environmental Science or similar. Either a Masters degree or professional work experience is advantageous but not essential.
  2. Oral fluency in English, experience of studying/working abroad is advantageous but not essential. Written and oral fluency in Mandarin is essential.
  3. Responsible, proactive, strong team spirit and independent execution ability.

Start date flexible from May 2021.

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