Research scope of SECUL:

1. High temperature solar thermochemical fuel synthesis technology;
2. Solar driven high temperature electrochemical hydrogen production techniques;
3. (Photo)electrochemical hydrogen production, carbon dioxide reduction, ammonia synthesis technology;
4. Design of novel solar concentrating photothermal systems;
5. High temperature phase change energy storage system.

Position 1: Postdoctoral researcher (High temperature solar energy conversion)


1. PhD in heat and mass transfer or Engineering thermodynamics (or related areas);
2. Applicants with experience in solar energy conversion and utilization are preferred;
3. Applicants with experience in operating high flux solar simulator are preferred;
4. Familiar with multiphysics and multiscale simulation techniques will be considered as an advantage;
5. Experience with technical report writing are preferred;
6. Applicants need to have the spirit of teamwork.

Position 2: Postdoctoral researcher(Electrochemical energy storage device driven by solar energy)


1. Ph.D. in electrochemistry is required and especially welcome applicants with high- temperature solid oxide cell background;
2. Familiar with the preparation and assembly of electrode materials and electrochemical battery testing;
3. Familiar with multiphysics simulation of fuel cell or electrolyzer;
4. Experience with technical report writing are preferred;
5. Applicants need to have the spirit of teamwork.

SUSTech offers competitive salary for postdoctoral researchers. Please send your CV to Dr. Meng Lin ( for more details if you are interested.

Position 3. PhD student (Solar energy conversion and utilization)
If you are interested in the research topics related to solar energy conversion for fuel, power, and materials production, you are welcomed to discuss opportunities with Dr. Lin in conducting PhD studies at SECUL. Please email your CV directly to Dr. Meng Lin (

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