Dr Ho Chun Loong is a Malaysian-born Assistant Professor under the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). His research focuses primarily on using synthetic biology and protein engineering to address various health and environmental issues. This includes establishing a platform where researchers could share their constructs and systematically amass these genetic constructs for protein engineering purposes. 

Postdoctoral recruitment:

Application conditions

1. Doctoral degree in biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, synthetic biology or tumor biology has been obtained or will be obtained in the near future.

2. Protein engineering, small animal model establishment and research background are preferred.

3. Responsible, practical, diligent, team-work spirit, with a certain degree of independent scientific research ability, and be able to guide students.

4. Giving priority to publishing SCI papers in 1-2 related fields, or publishing papers in top academic journals.

5. Good command of literature and English writing.



1. Advanced scientific research facilities and strong research atmosphere.

2. The annual salary of RMB 270,000 (including the subsistence allowance of RMB 120,000 yuan per year (tax-free) supported by Shenzhen Municipal Finance) can be obtained after the examination and mid-term examination. In addition, the research group provides additional allowances and awards for outstanding postdoctoral students. Those who are especially outstanding can apply for the Principal Excellence Postdoctoral Award, with an annual salary of more than RMB 350,000 yuan.

3. Enjoy housing subsidy and social insurance such as medical treatment, endowment and work-related injuries; enjoy benefits such as holidays, meals, family planning incentives, high-temperature subsidies, free physical examination, etc.

4. The school provides each postdoctoral student with a biennial grant of RMB 25,000 for academic exchanges (including international conferences), and supports the application of research funds as project leaders.

5. After three years of working in Shenzhen, those who meet the reserve-level requirements of Shenzhen will receive a housing subsidy of RMB 800,000-1 million yuan, and can apply for RMB 300,000 yuan for research and start-up funds.

6. Overseas doctoral students or those with more than one year's study experience can apply for housing subsidy of RMB 1.6-2 million in Shenzhen for Peacock Project; RMB 2-5 million research start-up funds.

7. Excellent conditions, postdoctoral experience can also apply for research assistant professor position, annual salary of RMB 350,000.



Please send the application materials (including resume, summary of published articles and academic achievements, work plan within one page) to: hejl@sustc.edu.cn. The headline of the email should be "XXX  Ho Chun Loong Research Group + Job" and the time of arrival should be indicated in the email. After strict screening, appointment will be arranged in time and personal information will be kept confidential.

Deadline: long term effective

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