The core mission of universities is to "discover knowledge, disseminate knowledge and serve the society". This mission is fulfilled through a set of tasks: to constantly provide new ideas, new knowledge, new technologies and new talents; to support new industries; to uphold the sustainable growth of the economical society and drive human progress through innovation. Southern University of Science and Technology (the "SUSTech") keeps attaching importance to the university-industry collaboration that contributes to the construction of world-class university.

To highlight the "Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" concepts, SUSTech officially founded the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (the “IE School”) in August 2016, to meet new requirements for technology innovation and talent cultivation. IE School is committed to the industrial research, the cultivation of innovative talents and entrepreneurs, as well as the incubation of high-tech companies.

IE School has built an international and high-standard faculty team, composed of approximately 30 research professors, over 40 academic professors and nearly 200 industrial mentors, to achieve the mission of cultivating innovative talents.


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