Prof. Rui CHEN’s group at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has opening postdoc positions, and we are pleased to announce our open position for doing research related to:

  1. Nanoscale optics, plasmonics, and design / preparation of low-dimensional luminescent material
  2. Laser spectroscopy / semiconductor or material optics
  3. Micro-nano resonator / micro-nano laser
  4. Micro-nano processing (ebl/fib, etc.)
  5. Sensing technology

Essential requirements

  1. Candidates are required to have good background in the Physics or Optics areas, or other related background, and those who with or be about to have a Ph.D. will be priority accepted.
  2. Love scientific research, have a high degree of initiative, diligence and teamwork spirit; have strong initiative and self-learning ability.
  3. Those who have published high-level articles in international level publications in relevant professional fields or have overseas research experience are preferred.
  4. Candidates are expected to be good at English writing and communication. Meanwhile, the candidates should be able to complete the research papers , and have strong initiative and self-learning ability.


Applicants should send your Detailed CV, including experiences in study, work, and research, major research findings (such as essays, certificate of achievement, or rewards), and other materials that can prove your ability to work via email to Prof. Rui CHEN ( ).

(mail title: graduation school + name + Postdoc)


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