The Key Laboratory of Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance Materials of Shenzhen in the Southern University Science and Technology (SUSTech) is looking for  Postdoc researchers and Research Assistant in the research area of additive manufacturing. With state-of-art 3D printing equipment and experts from all over the world, the Key Laboratory aims to build an advanced and internationally renowned 3D printing Theory and Technology R&D Center. Research interests: materials development, structural design and optimization, system control, industrial applications etc for Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing

Recruitment position: Postdoctoral Researcher

Job requirements:

1. Mechanical, material, chemical, biological, structural mechanics, automation and other related majors.

2. Strong English writing ability, published as a first author in professional English journals.

3. Passionate on scientific research, work hard and practical, and have a good team spirit.

4. Research experience related to 3D printing is preferred.

Post treatment:

1. Provide first-class scientific research facilities and experimental platforms.

2. The annual salary is more than 335,000 RMB, plus bonus.


Recruitment position: Research Assistant

job requirements:

1. Master degree or above, major in mechanics, materials, chemistry, biology, structural mechanics, automation, etc. Work seriously and responsibly, love scientific research, and have a good teamwork spirit.

2. Excellent English, and those who have published articles in English professional journals are preferred.

Post treatment:

Treatment interview, pay 13 months salary, enjoy school holidays and subsidies. The year-end awards are issued based on the work results. After entering the job, you can apply for Shenzhen hukou and enjoy Shenzhen talent subsidy (25,000 RMB).

Applicants please send detailed resume to

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