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Prof. Bo Zhou obtained his doctoral degree from Lund University, Sweden, in 2015 under supervision of Prof. Marcus Aldén. Thereafter, he work as a Postdoctoral fellow at the Division of Combustion Physics, Lund University and the Combustion Research Facility, Sandia National Laboratories, USA. In 2019, Prof. Zhou joined Southern University of Science and Technology as an Assistant Professor and doctoral supervisor.

His research interests are in the field of turbulent combustion, laser-based diagnostics for reacting system and novel energy technologies. He won the Chinese Goverment Award for Outstadning Doctoral Students Aboard in 2014, the prestigious Bernard Lewis Fellowship by the International Combustion Institute in 2016, and was selected as the section-chair for the turbulent combustion colloqium of the 37th International Symposium on Combustion. He has published more than 20 papers in top-rank journals, and is an author for a book chapter in Cambridge Press.

Personal Profile

Education Background

05/2011 – 02/2015     Ph.D. in Combustion Physics, Lund University, Sweden

08/2009 – 03/2011     M.Sc. in Physics, Lund University, Sweden

08/2006 – 06/2009    B.Sc. inPhysics, Tianjin University of Technolog, P.R. China

Research experience

2019/09-Present          Assistant Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China

04/2017 – 2019/04      Postdoctoral Fellow – Combustion Research Facility, Sandia National Laboratories, USA

03/2015 – 03/2017      Postdoctoral Fellow – Division of Combustion Physics, Lund University, Sweden

Research Areas

(1)Advanced Laser-based Diagnostics

(2)Diagnostics in Aerospace Combustor

(3)Turbulent Combustion

(4)Novel Combustion Technology

(5)Image Processing Algorithm    


(1) Advanced Laser-based Diagnostics

(2) Aerospace Engine

(3) Turbulent Combustion

(4) Novel Combustion Technology

(5) Image Processing Algorithm

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Prof. Zhou has participated in multiple major research projects funded by the Swedish Research Council, the European Research Council, the Department of Energy of the United States.

In the field of laser diagnostics, he has developed diagnostic capabilities for instantaneously visualizing ultra-low concentration radicals/species, temperature field, high-speed tomographic PIV velocimetry etc. Most of these developments have been the first and important advancements in the community that provide a powerful and unique tool for non-intrusively probing turbulent reacting flows.

In the field of turbulent combustion, he contributed to the high Karlovitz combustion regime which is relatively unexplored but highly relevant to industrial combustor operation. His study provided the first documented experimental evidence of the existence of the distributed reactions which is fundamentally distinct from the conventional "flamelet" concept. These findings have profound impact on underrstand the combustion in jet engine and gas turbines that are used for power generation.

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