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Got his Ph.D. at Harbin Institute of Technology, prior to his current appointment, he was a postdoctoral fellow in Tsinghua university and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research interests include environmental management and energy economics, being good at integrating environmental science with economics methods into climate, energy, and economic development related issues at global & regional & city-dimensions. He has presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Postdoctoral Foundation on International Exchange and Regular Project, Guangdong Natural Science Foundation and a number of competitive research projects in Shenzhen. He has published more than 60 academic papers, among which more than 40 papers are indexed by SCI/SSCI journals (26 papers are first/corresponding author SSCI/SCI). As the first or corresponding author, he published 2 papers in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review (IF 10.556) and 3 papers in Applied Energy (IF 8.426), and has 2 ESI highly cited papers. He served as a reviewer for more than 10 JCR Q1/Q2 journals and won the 2016 Best Reviewer award of Applied Energy; He also served as a guest editor for Environmental Geochemistry and Health (IF 3.252) since May 2018.

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Personal Profile

Work Experience

2018—present, Visting Assisstant Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology

2016—2017, Visting postdoctoral fellow, Energy Analysis and Environmental Impact Assessment Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

2014—2015, Postdoctoral fellow, Management Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University- Graduate School of Shenzhen.

Education Backgroud 

2009—2013 Dorctor of Management Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, China.

2006—2008  Master of Municipal Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

2002—2006  Bachelor of Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China

Academic Awards

2017  2016 Best Reviewer Award of Applied Energy (IF 8.426)

2013  PhD National Scholarship

2008  Outstanding Postgraduate Student (Harbin Institute of Technology)

2006  Outstanding Graduate Student (Wuhan University of Science and Technology)



1. Government management: environmental and sustainable development management, market-based environmental policies

2. Assessment of carbon emission reduction potential and economic technology for energy conservation and emission reduction in energy production and water treatment


Environmental Economics (Bach.); Economics of Climate Change (Post-graduate)

Publications Read More

1) Ye B., Jiang J.*, Zhou Y., Liu, J., Wang K.,(2019), Technical and economic analysis of amine-based carbon capture and sequestration at coal-fired power plants, Journal of Cleaner Production,222:476-487 (JCR Q1, IF 6.395)

2) Ye B., Cang Y.*, Li J., Zhang X.,(2018), Advantages of a chlorine dioxide/ sodium hypochlorite combination process for controlling the disinfection by-products for high algae-laden water, Environmental Geochemistry and Health, (JCR Q1, IF 3.252)

3) Ye B., Jiang J, Li C., Miao L., Tang J.,(2017), Quantification and driving force analysis of provincial-level carbon emissions in China, Applied Energy, 198:223-238. (SCI ,JCR Q1, IF 8.426)

4) Ye B. Zhang K., Jiang J., Miao L., Li J.,(2017), Toward a 90% renewable energy future: A case study of an island in the South China Sea, Energy Conversion and Management, 142: 28-41. (SCI, JCR Q1, IF 7.181)

5) Ye B., Yang P, Jiang J, Miao L., (2017), Feasibility and economic analysis of a renewable energy powered special town in China. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 121:40-50. (SCI, JCR Q1, IF 7.044)

6) Ye B, Jiang J, Miao L., Xie D.,(2016), Interprovincial allocation of China's national carbon emission allowance: an uncertainty analysis based on Monte-Carlo simulations. Climate Policy,(SSCI, JCR Q1, IF 4.797)

7) Ye B., Tang J., Lu Q., (2012), Feasibility analysis of renewable energy powered tourism island-Hainan, China. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 4(6): 1941-1958. (SCI, JCR Q3 , IF 1.511)

8) 叶斌, 唐杰, 陆强. 电力行业碳排放权资源影子价格模型:以海南为例[J]. 运筹与管理,2013,22(4):157-162. (国家自然科学基金委认定管理学重要期刊A类)

9) 叶斌,唐杰,陆强. 碳排放影子价格模型:以深圳市电力行业为例[J]. 中国人口·资源与环境, 2012, 22(11):172-176. (国家自然科学基金委认定管理学重要期刊B类)

10) 叶斌,盛代林,门小瑜. 城市内涝的成因及其对策[J],水利经济,2010,28(4):62-65

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