Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Prof. Xu got his PhD degree from Tohoku University under the supervision of Prof. Kuriyagawa Tsunemoto. In April 2014, he won the JSPS special researcher of Japan Association for academic revitalization; in March 2015, he received the doctor's degree in engineering. After graduation, he continued to work as a JSPS research fellow and an assistant professor in the Nano-precision Machining Lab. of Tohoku University successively. He had successfully obtained JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) twice in the area of mechanical micro-/nanofabrication. In early 2017, Prof. Xu returned to China and joined in Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering of SUSTC. From then on, Prof. Xu began to establish a new Hybrid Micro-/nanofabrication Lab. The lab aims at cultivating high-quality, high-level innovative talents, serving the local economic development, and also developing advanced manufacturing technologies to support the upgrade of manufacturing industries in China.

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◆Micro-/nanofabrication: femtosecond laser micro/nanofabrication, nanoimprinting

◆Hybrid machining technology: laser/ultrasonic assisted microcutting


◆Engineering Materials - Science, Processing and Design (for Undergraduate)

◆Precision Machining Technology (for Graduate student)

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Representative Papers:

1. J Zheng, J Huang, S Xu*, Multiscale micro-/nanostructures on single crystalline SiC fabricated by hybridly polarized femtosecond laser, Optics and Lasers in Engineering, Accepted, JCR Q1

2. B Meng, D Yuan, J Zheng, P Qiu, S Xu*, Tip-based nanomanufacturing process of single crystal SiC: Ductile deformation mechanism and process optimization, Applied Surface Science 500, 144039, 2020, JCR Q1

3. H Tang, P Qiu, R Cao, J Zhuang, S Xu*, Repulsive magnetic field–assisted laser-induced plasma micromachining for high-quality microfabrication, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 102, (5-8), 2223-2229, 2019, JCR Q2

4. B Meng, D Yuan, S Xu*, Study on strain rate and heat effect on the removal mechanism of SiC during nano-scratching process by molecular dynamics simulation, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 151, 724-732, 2019, JCR Q1

5. Shaolin Xu, Ketia Shimada, Masayoshi Mizutani, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa, Fabrication of hybrid micro/nano-textured surfaces using rotary ultrasonic machining with one-point diamond tool, Int J Mach Tool Manu, 86, 2014, 12-17.

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