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Dr. Jisong Wu is an Associate Professor at the Department of Finance of the Southern University of China in Shenzhen, China. He graduated from University of Science and Technology of China (School of the Gifted Young) in 1999 for his undergraduate study, majored in Electronic Engineering and Information Science. After then, he finished his PhD’s and Master’s study in Vanderbilt University, majored in Economics. Prior to joining SUSTech, Jisong Wu was an Assistant Professor in Department of Economics, Indiana University, Indianapolis. He also worked in School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics as an associate professor.

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Associate professor jisong wu received his doctorate in economics from Vanderbilt university and was an assistant professor and associate professor at indiana university and Shanghai university of finance and economics before joining the faculty of finance at southern university of science and technology. His research direction is theoretical econometrics. His research results on local identification and processing effects in econometric models have been published in review of economic studies and journal of econometrics.


Jisong’s research is in the areas of Econometrics, Industrial Organization, and Corporate Finance.


His area of teaching also focuses on Econometrics, Industrial Organization, and Corporate Finance.

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Jisong makes significant contribution to the econometric studies, and his works were published in the top journals in relating areas. His studies about treatment effect and partial identification were published in the world top economic journals including Review of Economic studies and Journal of Econometrics.

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