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Wang Haijiang, Professor, Academician of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Honorary President of Shenzhen Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Association, Member of Academic Committee of Shenzhen Hydrogen Energy Key Laboratory, Former Chief Scientist of Canadian National Research Institute, and International Well-known Fuel Cell Expert, joined the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering of Southern University of Science and Technology in 2015. He graduated from Copenhagen University of Denmark in 1993 with a doctorate. Dr.Wang was a postdoctoral researcher at Utah State University in 1993 and was engaged in the research and development of hydrogen sulfide and methane coupled fuel cells as a researcher at the Canadian Department of Natural Resources in 1996. He joined Ballard Power Company in 1999 and won the Outstanding Award in 2002. In 2004, he joined the Fuel Cell Innovation Research Institute of the Canadian National Research Institute as a senior researcher and team leader, and conducted in-depth and pioneering research on the stack design, diagnosis and durability of fuel cell. During this period, he has served as guest professor in many universities and research institutes, including British Columbia University, Waterloo University, Dalian Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai University and Vancouver International Institute of Clean Technology (VICRI). In 2012, he was invited by Prof. Frano Barbir, a well-known American fuel cell expert, to write the chapter “Fuel Cell Diagnostics” for “PEM Fuel Cell-Theory and Practice”, which is the best-selling book and also the fuel cell textbooks for many universities. From 2014 to 2017, he was selected into the "Highly Cited Scientists" list published by Thomson-Reuters for four consecutive years. Over the past two decades, 180 academic papers have been published on fuel cells, 17,000 SCI citations, 54 H factors, 5 international invention patents and 15 monographs. In April 2018, he was elected to the Academician of Engineering of National Research Institute of Canada.

Personal Profile

Haijiang Wang- Chair Professor、CAE Fellow
Research Areas: Electrochemical Energy and Fuel Cell

Haijiang Wang, Chair Professor, joined the Department of Mechanical & Energy Engineering at South University of Science and Technology of China in Oct. 2015. Dr. Wang received his PhD degree in Chemical from the University of Copenhagen in 1993 and then began his Post-doctor fellow career at the University of Utah, America. Dr. Wang joined the Natural Resources Canada in 1996 and began engaging in hydrogen sulfide and methane coupled fuel cell research work. Dr. Wang attended the Ballard Power Systems in 1999 and named as “Ballard Outstanding Award” in 2002 for his outstanding work in Ballard AV Carb and MEA. Moreover, Dr. Wang joined the National Research Council of Canada in 2004 and conducted pioneering research in the field of hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) design, failure diagnosis and durability testing, and mastered the key technologies in PEMFC key materials and components. He also has served as s guest professor at several universities or research institutes, such as the University of British Columbia (UBC), the University of Waterloo, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vancouver International CleanTech Research Institute (VICRI). Dr. Wang has been awarded as the most highly cited researchers for four consecutive years since 2014 due to his impactful publications in fuel cell research by Thomson Reuters. Dr. Wang has co-authored more than 180 research papers published in referred journal, 5 granted patents and co-edited 15 books related to PEM fuel cells and PEM electrolyzers.

◆ 1978.09-1982.07   Bsc., Department of Chemistry,Henan Normal University, China
◆ 1982.09-1985.07   Msc., Department of Chemistry,Henan Normal University, China
◆ 1990.05-1993.08   Ph.  D.,  Department  of  General  &  Organic  Chemistry,  University  of
                                  Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
◆ 1985.07-1989.11   Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Henan Normal University, China
◆ 1989.11-1990.05   Visiting scholar, Department of General & Organic Chemistry, University
                                 of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
◆ 1993.09-1996.09   Postdoctoral  researcher,  Department  of  Chemistry  and  Biochemistry,  
                                 Utah  State University, Logan, Utah, USA
◆ 1996.09-1997.07   Research  Associate,  Department  of  Chemistry,  University  of  Quebec  
                                 at   Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
◆ 1997.07-1999.10   Research  Scientist,  Western  Research  Center,  Natural  
                                   Resources  Canada,  Devon, Alberta, Canada
◆ 1999.11-2004.01   Senior Research Scientist, Ballard Power Systems, Burnaby, BC, Canada
◆ 2004.01-2014.12   Senior Research Officer, National Research Council Canada,
                                  Vancouver, BC,Canada
◆ 2015.01-2015.10   Principal  Research Officer, National  Research Council Canada,  
                                 VancouverBC, Canada
◆ 2015.10-present   Southern University of Science and Technology,  Chair Professor, Head of  
                                 the Department of  Mechanical and Energy Engineering

◆  “Carbon-Supported Pt-Based Alloy Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells: Particle Size, Shape, and Composition Manipulation and Their Impact to Activity”, Yan-Jie Wang, Nana Zhao, Baizeng Fang, Hui Li, Xiaotao T Bi, Haijiang Wang, Chemical reviews, 115(9)(2015) 3433-3467.
◆  “Current Mapping of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell with a Segmented Current Collector during the Gas Starvation and Shutdown Processes”, Yi Yu, Xiao-Zi Yuan, Hui Li, Elton Gu, Haijiang Wang, Guangjin Wang, Mu Pan, International J. of Hydrogen Energy, 37(2012)15288-15300.
◆ “Impacts of Operating Conditions on the Effects of Chloride Contamination on PEM Fuel Cell Performance and Durability”, Hui Li, Shengsheng Zhang, Weimin Qian, Yi Yu, Xiao-Zi Yuan, Haijiang Wang, Max Jiang, Silvia Wessel, Tommy T.H. Cheng, J. Power Source, 218(2012)375-382
◆ “Highly Active and Durable Core-Corona Structured Bifunctional Catalyst for Rechargeable Metal-Air Battery Applications”, Zhu Chen, Aiping Yu, Drew Higgins, Hui Li, Haijiang Wang, Zhongwei Chen, Nano Letters, 12(2012)1946-1952
◆ “Performance of the Vapor Fed Direct Alcohol Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell”, Simon Fan, David Wilkinson, Haijiang Wang, J. Electrochem.Soc., 159(5)(2012)B570-B577
◆ “High Rate Membrane-less Microbial Electrolysis Cell for Continuous Hydrogen Production”, B. Tartakovsky, M. F. Manuel, H. Wang and S. R. Guiot, International J. of Hydrogen Energy, 34(2009)672-677
◆ “A Review of Anode Catalysis in the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell”, Hansan Liu, Chaojie Song, Lei Zhang, Jiujun Zhang, Haijiang Wang and David P. Wilkinson, J. Power Sources, 155(2006)95-110
◆ “PEM Fuel Cell Diagnostic Tools”, Haijiang Wang, Xiao-Zi Yuan, Hui Li (editors), CRC Press, 2011.
◆  “PEM Fuel Cell Failure Mode Analysis”, Haijiang Wang, Hui Li, Xiao-Zi Yuan (editors), CRC Press, 2011
◆ “Fuel Cell Diagnostics”, Haijiang Wang, in “PEM Fuel Cells: Theory and Practice – second edition”, Frano Barbir (editor), Academic Press, 2012, p265-304.
◆ “Degradation of PEMFC – General”, Jinfeng Wu, Xiao-Zi Yuan, Jonathan J. Martin and Haijiang Wang, in “Encyclopedia of Electrochemical Power Sources”, Bruno Scrosati, Zempachi Ogumi, David Rand, Pat Moseley, Chris Dyer and Juergen Garche (editors), Elsevier, 2009, Vol. 2 p848-867


Proton exchange membrane fuel cells: key materials and production processes for fuel cells

Fuel cell stack design, diagnosis, testing, life research, large-scale production equipment and technology, quality control and standards

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  • Professor Wang Haijiang was named "Highly Cited Scientist" by Clarivate for five consecutive years

    Professor Wang Haijiang was named "Highly Cited Scientist" by Clarivate for five consecutive years

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