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Dr. Sun carried out his Ph.D. research in Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is currently Research Assistant Professor at SUSTech

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Dr. Sun's recent research focuses on the design and synthesis of polymer semiconductors, and device engineering of third-generation solar cells.

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Dr. Sun, design and synthesis of thiophene imide-based organic semiconductor materials broke the monopoly of commercial organic semiconductor N2200 on organic electron transport materials in the past decade; new polymer donor materials based on novel thiophene derivatives has achieved organic solar cell with efficiency over 16%; combined with organic solar cells and perovskite solar cells to achieve integrated solar cell with recording currents over 28Am cm-2, making important contribution in promoting the commercialization of third-generation solar cells. He has applied for two national invention patents and host the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The project NO. is 21801124. He has participated in many domestic and international conferences to exhibit research work and make invitation reports. Dr. Sun currently publishes more than 30 SCI papers. The first author's representative results were published in Energy & Environmental Science (influence factor: 33.25, front cover); Advanced Materials (influence factor: 21.95); Advanced Functional Materials ( Advanced Functional Materials, impact factor: 15.621); Advanced Science (impact factor: 15.80) and other high-quality journals.

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