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  • 2007/092011/06

西北农林科技大学       学位:学士

专业 : 应用化学           

  • 2011/072016/06

西北农林科技大学       学位:博士

专业: 化学生物学



  • 2016/072018/12

南方科技大学         博士后


  • 2019/01—至今

南方科技大学         研究助理教授



  • 实验技能:有机及无机纳米材料制备和表征、有机合成、细胞实验和动物实验(小鼠)
  • 英语: 大学英语六级 CET-6,可熟练进行科研论文写作
  • 办公软件: 熟练使用Origin、Word、Excel、PowerPoint等等
  • 专业软件: 熟练使用ChemBiodraw、Photoshop、3D max等等


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1. Chen Shao, Tao Liu, Fan Xiao, and Leilei Tian*. NIR-II imaging guided photodynamic therapy of cancer based on J-aggregate of optimized COi6 molecule. (在投).

2. Chen Shao, Fan Xiao, Heng Guo, Jiantao Yu, Dong Jin. Changfeng Wu, Lei Xi*, and Leilei Tian*. Utilizing polymer micelle to control dye J-aggregation and enhance its theranostic capability. (iScience已接受).

3. Jiantao Yu, Sihui He, Chen Shao, Haoran Zhao, Jing Li, and Leilei Tian*. A common anchor facilitated GO-DNA nano-system for multiplex microRNA analysis in live cells. Nanoscale, 2018, 10(15): 7067-7076;

4. Haoran Zhao, Xuexia Yuan, Jiantao Yu, Yishun Huang, Chen Shao, Fan Xiao, Li Lin, Yan Li, and Leilei Tian*. Magnesium-stabilized multifunctional DNA nanoparticles for tumor-targeted and pH-responsive drug delivery. ACS applied materials & interfaces, 2018, 10(18): 15418-15427;

5. Xuexia Yuan, Fan Xiao, Haoran Zhao, Yishun Huang, Chen Shao, Yossi Weizmann , and Leilei Tian*. High-yield method to fabricate and functionalize DNA nanoparticles from the products of rolling circle amplification. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2018, 1(2): 511-519;

6. Yuchao Lu, Siyu Song, Chenxi Hou, Shuang Pang, Xueming Li, Xiaowen Wu, Chen Shao, Yuxin Pei, Zhichao Pei*. Facile fabrication of branched-chain carbohydrate chips for studying carbohydrate-protein interactions by QCM biosensor. Chinese Chemical Letters, 2018, 29(1): 65-68.

7. Chen Shao, Kun Shang, Huaibao Xu, Yu Zhang, Zhichao Pei, Yuxin Pei*. Facile fabrication of hypericin-entrapped glyconanoparticles for targeted photodynamic therapy. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2018, 13: 4319-4331;

8. Chen Shao#, Jia Liang#, Sihui He, Tianqi Luan, Jiantao Yu, Haoran Zhao, Leilei Tian*. pH-responsive graphene oxide-DNA nanosystem for live cell imaging and detection. Analytical Chemistry, 2017, 89 (10): 5445-5452;

9. Chen Shao, Xueming Li, Zhichao Pei, Dong Liu, Lin Wang, Hai Dong*, Yuxin Pei*. Facile fabrication of glycopolymer-based iron oxide nanoparticles and their applications in the carbohydrate-lectin interaction and targeted cell imaging. Polymer Chemistry, 2016, 7 (6): 1337-1344;

10. Chen Shao, Yuxin Pei*, Borg-Karlson A-K, Zhichao Pei*. Regioselective acylation of 2’- or 3’-hydroxyl group in salicin: hemisynthesis of acylated salicins. Chemical Research In Chinese Universities, 2014, 30 (5): 774-777;

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