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Dr. Guo has worked on modeling groundwater flow and contaminant transport for more than 10 years. She participated in CERC-WET project supported by US Department of Energy and Superfund project. She studies the factors causing non-fickian transport behaviors and develops methods to simulate these behaviors. She works on modeling water-salt balance and salt transport in Californa and Northern China Plain. She also interests in impacts of climate change on regional scale groundwater quantity and quality.

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(1)Numerical modeling on groundwater flow and contaminant transport.

(2)Remediation and modeling of contamination sites.

(3)Regional scale transport mdeling. Upscaling methods development.

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More than 10 papers published on international journals, such as Water Reousrces Research, Journal of Hazardous Materials. Dr. Guo was invited to give presentations at seminars and conferences, such as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Climate Brownbag, NIEHS Environmental Health Science FEST, AGU Fall Meeting 2019.

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