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Professional Experience:

Oct 2017-now, Department of Statistics, Pennsylvania State University Eberly Postdoc Fellow, mentor: Prof. Runze Li

Apr 2017-Aug 2017, Department of Statistics, University of Washington, Seattle,Research Assistant, mentor: Dr. Fang Han

Sep 2012- Mar 2017, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, HKU, Teaching Assistant


Educational Background:

Apr 2017, The Unviersity of Hong Kong (HKU), Ph.D., Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science Advisor: Prof. Jianfeng Yao

Sep 2012, Renmin University of China, Beijing (RUC) M.Sc., School of Statistics

Sep 2009, Beijing Normal University, Beijing (BNU), B.Sc., School of Mathematical Science


Awards and Honors:

Sep 2012- Mar 2017, Department of Statistics And Actuarial Science, HKU Excellent Teaching Assistant Award (5 times)


Academic Services:

Referee Service. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B Biometrika, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Journal of Multivariate Analysis, IISE Transactions


· Random Matrix Theory and Applications in High dimensional Statistics

· Time Series Analysis

· Change-point detection


MA308 Statistical Calculation and Software

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· Zeng Li, Fang Han, Jianfeng Yao (2019). Asymptotic joint distribution of extreme eigenvalues and trace of large sample covariance matrix in a generalized spiked population model, The Annals of Statistics, to appear.

· Zeng Li, Jianfeng Yao, Clifford Lam, Qiwei Yao (2019). On testing for high-dimensional white noise, The Annals of Statistics, 47(6), 3382-3412.

· Weiming Li, Zeng Li, Jianfeng Yao (2018). Joint CLT for linear spectral statistics of dependent large dimensional sample covariance matrices, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 45(3), 699-728.

· Zeng Li, Qinwen Wang, Jianfeng Yao (2017). Identifying number of factors from singular values of lagged sample auto-covariance matrix, The Annals of Statistics, 45(1), 257-288.

· Zeng Li, Jianfeng Yao (2016). Testing the sphericity of a covariance matrix when the dimension is much larger than the sample size, Electronic Journal of Statistics, 10(2), 2973-3010.

· Zeng Li, Guangming Pan, Jianfeng Yao (2015). On singular value distribution of large-dimensional auto-covariance matrices, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 137, 119-140.

· Chao Yu, Yue Fang, Zeng Li, Bo Zhang, Xujie Zhao (2014). Nonparametric estimation of high frequency spot volatility for Brownian semimartingale with jumps, Journal of Time Series Analysis, 35(6), 572-591.

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  • 统计与数据科学系本科生导师见面会成功举行

      新学期伊始,统计与数据科学系本科生导师见面会于9月4日19点在慧园3栋415报告厅如期举行。统计与数据科学系系主任邵启满教授携该系的全体教职工出席。此次导师见面会是系以来第一场见面会,现场座无虚席,本次见面会共有51位同学参加。会议由田国梁教授主持。   导师见面会现场   系主任邵启满教授致辞,他代表统计与数据科学系全体教师对参会的同学们表示热烈的欢迎,并介绍了我系的建系历程及未来发展规划。统计与数据科学系成立于2019年4月,我系志在为国家培养出思想活跃、创新意识和能力强、科研品味高、脚踏实地、有朝气、有理想的拔尖人才。我系计划每年为学生提供和推荐国内外高校访问交流及读研的机会。统计学专业的学生目前在数学系下培养。 邵启满教授致辞并介绍我系情况   我系各位导师分别介绍了自己的学术成就及研究方向等,便于为还没确定导师的同学们提供未来研究方向的参考,并鼓励同学们找到自己感兴趣的方向进行研究学习。我系目前共有科研教学系列教师 6人,其中有讲席教授1人,教授2人,副教授2人,助理教授1人。导师们丰富的科研经历深深地吸引了现场的同学们。随后,田国梁教授对统计学专业2017级培养方案、选课等相关情况做了详细介绍。          教授自我介绍:邵启满、田国梁、张绍洪、陈欣、蒋学军、李曾   本次导师见面会设有问答环节,导师们逐一解答了同学们提出的关于课程设计、留学交流等方面的问题。另外,在自由问答环节,新生们积极发言,提出自己的疑问,导师们详细且耐心解答,现场气氛热烈而融洽。导师见面会还为同学们准备了简单的茶歇环节。同学们热情高涨,此次导师见面会持续了约2个小时。至此,统计与数据科学系统计学专业导师见面会圆满落幕。        问答环节现场

  • SUSTech Launches New Dept of Statistics and Data Science

    Earlier today, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) launched the Department of Statistics and Data Science (SDS), before hosting the Symposium of Data Science. SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Vice President Tang Tao and Acting Vice President Zhang Dongxiao all attended the SDS launch. They were joined by academicians, fellows, experts and scholars from top […]


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The Department of Statistics and Data Science was established in April 2019. As a newly established department, we currently have 8 faculty members including 1 Chair Professor, 2 Professors, 2 Associate Professors , 2 Tenure-track Assistant Professors and 1 Visiting Assistant Professor and anticipant to rapidly expand to a team of more than 20 members. All faculty members of the department have extensive overseas study or work experiences. One member is an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians, an IMS Medallion Lecturer and a winner of the prestigious State Natural Science Award (2nd class). The department has 2 research directions, Statistics and Data Science, which cover a broad array of research areas including Biostatistics, Financial Statistics, Experiment Design, Clinical Trials, High Dimensional Data, Time series, Probability Theory, Data Science and Big Data Technology.


At present, the department has an undergraduate program as well as two graduate programs(M.Phil and PhD). The department is in the process of developing a Major Program in Data Science and Big Data Technology. In 2019, the first batch of 38 undergraduate students in Statistics received the bachelor degree from SUSTech. 5 M.Phil students in Statistics also graduated in the same year. There are currently 9 M.Phil students, 7 PhD students in Statistics and 2 Postdoctoral Fellows. As the department grows in size and strength, the number of graduate students is expected to rise substantially from the current level and the areas of graduate studies will also expand to include Data Science and Big Data Technology.


This is the age of big data which offers exciting opportunities to researchers in Statistics and Data Science. Our department is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. We invite outstanding scholars to join us in our journey to become a first-class department in Statistics and Data Science. We also welcome brilliant undergraduate and graduate students to apply for our programs. At the same time, we actively recruit excellent postdoctoral candidates.

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