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She got the Ph.D. degree at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). And now she is an assistant professor at the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering in SUSTech. She focus on remote sensing of ocean and atmosphere, atmospheric physics, atmospheric environment, and ocean-air interaction.

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Brief Introduction

LI, Ying, female, born in 1980. She got the Ph.D. degree at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Now she is an assistant professor at the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech).

Research Area and Methods

Her  research including: Remote sensing of ocean and atmosphere, atmospheric physics, atmospheric environment, and ocean-air interaction. The research methods includes the application of satellite remote sensing, numerical simulation combined with field observations. She aims to study the interaction between human activities and atmospheric pollution.


With the application of atmospheric remote sensing and numerical simulation, she has made a series of achievements in studying the mechanism of  air pollution  in the Pearl River Delta (PRD).She has undertaken or participated in a number of research projects about air pollution, involving aspects of data analysis, emission inventory, air quality model improvement, source apportionment, controlling strategy, and health exposure, etc.


In the past five years, she has published 20 SCI papers on journals such as Environmental Science & Technology, Remote Sensing of Environment, Environmental Pollution, Journal of Geophysical Research, Science of the Total Environment, and Atmospheric Environment, with a total of 300 Citations.


2006.09-2011.05 Ph. D. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Division of Environment, Atmospheric Environmental Science
2003.09-2006.07 M.Sc. Peking University, China, Department of Atmospheric Science
1998.09-2002.07 B.Sc. Bohai University, China, Department of Physics


Work Experience  
2016.12-present Assistant Professor, Department of Ocean Science & Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology
2015.04-2016.12 Research Assistant Professor, Fok Ying Tung Graduate School, HKUST
2011.07-2015.03 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Division of Environment, HKUST
2008.09-2009.03 Visiting Scholar, University of Tennessee
2002.09-2003.07 Research Assistant, School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University



Ocean-Air Group at SUSTech.

Our scientific goals are to understand

  • the physical and chemical properties of the Ocean and Urban atmosphere
  • the physical and chemical processes involved in air pollution formation
  • the interaction between the human activities and the air quality / climate

Our major approaches

  • modeling meteorology, chemical transport and ocean-air interaction at multiple scales
  • analyzing atmospheric and ocean observations from ground-based, ship-based, and satellites-based sites.

Our on-going research topics

  • aerosol hygroscopic growth and optics
  • air pollution remote sensing
  • air pollution numerical modeling
  • frontal surge modeling


Remote Sensing of Ocean and Atmosphere

Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment

Ocean-Air Interaction


Main courses: Introduction to Atmospheric Science, Introduction to Air Pollution, Research methods of Marine Atmospheric Science

Lecture course: Introduction to Oceanography

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In the past five years, Dr. Li has published more than 30 papers in academic journals, which has been cited more than 450 times. Among them, a paper published in RSE (IF = 8.218) was rated as "ESI high cited paper" in 2016-2019. And Dr. Li won the Everbright Environmental Excellent Thesis Award of Cest Annual Conference of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences in 2018 with a paper in SOTEN (IF = 5.589). In addition, she proposed a quantitative method for decomposing the meteorology factors and non-meteorology factors of air pollution, which has obtained the Chinese invention patent and has been adopted by some agencies such as Hong Kong Environmental Protection Agency to assess the effectiveness of air pollution control strategies and to study the impact of weather and climate on pollution.

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  • Opening Ceremony of the Center of Oceanic and Atmospheric Science at susTech (COAST) held at SUSTech

    On August 7, 2019, the opening ceremony of the Center of Oceanic and Atmospheric Science at susTech (COAST) and the first academic seminar of the center were held in the Chuang Garden of South University of Science and Technology, which was presided over by Assistant Professor Li Ying, director of COAST. Professor Chen Yongshun, chairman of the Department […]

  • Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao PM2.5 Study Workshop held at SUSTech

    The Second Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao PM2.5 workshop opened at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) from January 25 to 26, 2018. It discussed numerous issues of PM2.5, including the collection and chemical analysis of the particulate matter, modeling, numerical simulation, satellite remote sensing, and visualization platform. The workshop is held by Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Hong Kong University of […]


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Post-doc Positions Announcement

The research directions of our group are:

satellite remote sensing of atmosphere and ocean

aerosol physics and chemistry

numerical simulation of meteorology and air quality

the ocean-air interaction

Currently, we intend to recruit 1-2 postdocs for the project.


Applicants should meet the following criteria

a. Mastering in atmospheric science: a good foundation and relevant scientific research experience in atmospheric physics and chemistry, numerical modelling, satellite remote sensing, or data analysis

b. Responsibility and teamwork spirit, and strong ability of discovering, analyzing and solving problems

c. Good English writing and communication skills

d. One or more articles have been published or will be published as the first author in  SCI journals during the doctoral period



a. Duration: 1-2 years (can be prolonged to 4 years)

b. Compensation benefits no less than 270, 000 yuan (including living subsidy of 120, 000 yuan per year from Municipal Finance Bureau).

Special excellent person can apply for the principal outstanding post-doctor, with benefit of 300, 000 yuan.

Another 10,000 yuan/ year welfare (meal supplement, high temperature subsidies, festival fees, etc.). In addition to this, the school buys five social insurance and one housing fund.

PS. Qualified applicants can be selected as the principal award scheme, with a salary of up to 350, 000 yuan.

c. The school provides academic support for each postdoctor for 25, 000 yuan per two years.

d. Apply for post-doctoral scientific fund, Natural Science Foundation of China and tasks at different municipal levels

e. Apply for 300,000 yuan of scientific research start-up funds and 800-1000 thousand yuan of housing allowances when working in Shenzhen after outbound

f. Overseas Doctors, when working in Shenzhen, can apply for Peacock Plan, nearly 800-1000 thousand yuan of housing allowances and have opportunities to acquire 3000-5000 thousand yuan of research start-up funds.

 g. You can apply for a Shenzhen account to solve the problem of child care.

Postdoctoral treatment may be raised after the publication of the Guangdong provincial postdoctoral training mechanism policy document. Here is the news.


Candidates please contact Prof. LI Ying

Email address:

Email title format: apply for -- position --  name


Detailed CV, including the experience of education, work and research, list of major research achievements (such as thesis, certificates or rewards)and contact information; Other materials available to certify the working ability.



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