Professor College of Science, Department of Mathematics


◆ PhD in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2009;

◆ MS in Computer Science, Wuhan University, 2004;

◆ BS in Mathematics, Wuhan University, 2001.

Professional Appointments

◆ Jan. 2020 - present, Professor, Department of Mathematics, SUSTech

◆ June 2012 - Dec. 2019, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, SUSTech

◆ Sept. 2011 - May 2012, Assistant Professor, SIAT, Chinese Academy of Sciences

◆ Sept. 2009 - Aug. 2011, Postdoctoral fellow, SAM, D-MATH, ETH, Zurich

◆ Sept. 2004 - Aug.2009, TA, Department of Mathematics, Chinese University of HK

Honors & Awards

◆ Excellent Research Award, SUSTech, 2016

◆ Excellent Mentor Award, SUSTech, 2016

◆ Peacock Award (Tier B), Shenzhen, 2013

◆ Best Doctoral Dissertation Award, Mathematical Society of Hong Kong, 2011

Personal Profile


◆ Scientific computing

◆ Finite element methods

◆ Inverse problems in mathematical physics

◆ Shape optimization in differential forms,

◆ Computational finance


2020 Spring MA206 Mathematical Modeling

2020 Fall MA216 Computational Finance

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