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HsuChew Lee earned his bachelor in 2010 and a master degree in 2012, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, from Purdue University, West Lafayette. In 2016, he obtained his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Calgary, Canada and became a postdoctoral researcher at Southern University of Science and Technology, China.

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My research interests span the areas of simulation of turbulent reacting and non-reacting flows, development of chemical kinetics, lattice Boltzmann method, and code development for parallel supercomputers. I am also drawn to problems with interesting physics, challenging mathematics and those with significant applications.

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1) Wang, Yiping; Lee, Hsu Chew; Li, Kai Ming; Gu, Zhengqi; Chen, Jun; (2012) "Experimental and numerical study of flow over a cavity for reduction of buffeting noise". Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 98(4), 600-610.

2) Lee, HC; Jiang, LY; Mohamad, AA; (2014) "A review on the laminar flame speed and ignition delay time of Syngas mixtures.",International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39(2),1105-1121.

3) Lee, Hsu Chew; Mohamad, Abdulmajeed A; Jiang, Lei-Yong; (2015) "Comprehensive comparison of chemical kinetics mechanisms for syngas/biogas mixtures",Energy & Fuels, 29(9), 6126-6145.

4) Lee, HC; Mohamad, AA; Jiang, LY; (2017) "A detailed chemical kinetics for the combustion of H2/CO/CH4/CO2 fuel mixtures.",Fuel, 193, 294-307.

5) Lee, Shian; Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Lee, Hsuchew; Lai, Benedict; (2017) "Investigation of a robust tendon-sheath mechanism for flexible membrane wing application in mini-UAV", Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing,85,252-266.

6) Lee, HC; Bawazeer, S; Mohamad, AA; (2018) "Boundary conditions for lattice Boltzmann method with multispeed lattices", Computers & Fluids, 162,152-159.

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Founded in December 2015, the Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) is one of departments in the College of Engineering. It aims to establish a world-leading department in mechanics and aerospace engineering, covering various research areas such as fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, aeroacoustics, mechanics, combustion, material, and system control. The Department will learn from the best practice of peer departments over the world in order to develop into an international research institution that attends to the national strategic needs in mechanics and aerospace, cultivates outstanding innovative talents, and conducts frontier fundamental research and applied research with social impact. 
The goal of the Department is to become a top-tier international leader through introducing an innovative education system which emphasizes IUR (Industry-University-Research) in close association with the Chinese aerospace industry. The specific objectives are: 1) to nurture innovative talents (learning); 2) to research and develop key technologies (research); and 3) to provide technical services (production) for the national aerospace industry.
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