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Dr. JI Tao is a tenor, associate professor and the supervisor of graduate student. In 2007, Dr. JI graduated from the Department of Vocal Music in Tianjin Conservatory of Music and was taught by the famous tenor at home, Prof. DU Jigang. In 2005, she won the second prize in Schwartz Germany International Vocal Competition and the third prize in French Vocal Competition.

He is the judge of many international vocal concert: he is the judge of the 43rd and 44th the Italy Bell International Vocal Competition (China), the 6th Roma International Music Festival, Teresa Berlloc (China), Taiwan World Chinese Vocal Competition, Poland International Vocal Competition and the 2nd and 3rd Asia Young Singer Competition. He has visited Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Thailand, Japan, Korea and other countries for several times and holds his personal music concert. In 2013, he received the Outstanding Music Educator Award presented by the European Union Foundation, the European Union Humanities Foundation and the Chopin Cultural Foundation and participated in the study of the comparison of ethnic music in the Polish Chopin Cultural Foundation and other academic researches.



Course: Recitation Art, Recitation Art & Speech Skills, Voice Texture and Application, Teach You to Sing, Chinese Folk Music Appreciation, Chinese Regional Folk Songs, Chinese Traditional Opera Culture

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The Arts Center of Southern University of Science and Technology (the "Arts Center") is devoted to creating new art, exploring the opportunities of interrelating science with technology, exploring the mode of mutual communication between art and science, and energetically supporting the research projects conducted by the artists of the Science and Engineering Laboratory.

Aiming at humanizing technology, the Arts Center is working hard to cultivate still more Scientists who have open minds through a variety of means such as holding seminars and lectures, setting up classes and design studios,and employing artists.

Following the ideas of developing art education, the Arts Center adopts the mode of" Comprehensive art course + High-level art group and brand campus culture + carrying out characteristic research on arts" It tries to remove the barriers between different branches of learning, explores the relationships between the field of sciences and engineering and the field of visual and performing arts, and makes its contribution to training top-notch innovative talents who can reconcile scientific and humanistic visions as well as building a first rate facility of art education in a first-class university of science and technology.

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