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Youpin Gong received his B.S.(M.S.) degree from Anhui University of Technology, China, in 2004 (2007), and Ph.D. degree in Materials Physics and Chemistry from Nanjing University, China, in 2010. He has been working in Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of Science, University of Kansas, and Soochow University for 7 years. Since May 2017, he is currently working as a Research Associate Professor at Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Southern University of Science and Technology. His research interests include nanohybrid photodetectors, two-dimensional material synthesis, and nanophotonic devices. He presided over and participated in the General Program of NSFC, the Youth Foundation of NSFC, and the Basic Research of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission. He has 10-awarded patents and has published > 40 papers in Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Optical Materials, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Physical Review B, Nanoscale, Applied Physics Letters, etc. .

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 2D materials and their optoelectronic devices

 Optoelectronic devices of carbon material composite systems

 Nano-optoelectronic devices

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†Contributed equally to the work; *Corresponding author

1. T. L. Qi†, Y. P. Gong†*, A. L. Li, X. M. Ma, P. P. Wang, R. Huang, C. Liu, R. Sakidja, J. Z. Wu, L. R. Chen*, Y. Zhang*. Interlayer transition in a vdW heterostructure toward ultrahigh detectivity shortwave infrared photodetectors. Advanced Functional Materials, 1905687 (2019).

2. A. L. Li, Q. X. Chen, P. P. Wang, Y. Gan, T. L. Qi, P. Wang, F. D. Tang, J. Z. Wu, R. Chen*, L. Y. Zhang*, Y. P. Gong*. Ultrahigh-sensitive broadband photodetectors based on dielectric shielded MoTe2/Graphene/SnS2 p-g-n junctions. Advanced Materials 31, 1805656 (2019). (Frontispiece)

3. Y. P. Gong*, P. Adhikari, Q. F. Liu, T. Wang, M. G. Gong, W.-L. Chan, W.-Y. Ching, J. Wu*. Designing interface of carbon nanotube/biomaterials for high-performance ultra-broadband photodetection. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 11016 (2017).

4 Y. P. Gong*, Q. F. Liu, M. G. Gong, T. Wang, G. G. Zeng, W.-L. Chan, J. Wu*. High-performance photodetectors based on effective exciton dissociation in protein-adsorbed multi-walled carbon nanotube nanohybrids. Advanced Optical Materials 5, 1600478 (2017). (Inside Front Cover)

5. Y. P. Gong†, X. M. Zhang†, G. T. Liu, L. Q. Wu, X. M. Geng, M. S. Long, X. H. Cao, Y. F. Guo, W. W. Li, J. B. Xu, M. T. Sun, L. Lu, L. W. Liu*. Layer-controlled and wafer-scale synthesis of uniform and high-quality graphene films on polycrystalline nickel catalyst. Advanced Functional Materials 22, 3153 (2012).

6. Y. P. Gong†, M. S. Long†, G. T. Liu, S. Gao, C. Zhu, X. F. Wei, X. M. Geng, M. T. Sun, C. L. Yang, L. Lu*, L. W. Liu*. Electronic transport properties of graphene nanoribbon arrays fabricated by unzipping aligned nanotubes. Physical Review B 87, 165404 (2013).

7. Y. P. Gong, Q. F. Liu, J. S. Wilt, M. G. Gong, S. Ren, J. Wu*. Wrapping cytochrome c around single-wall carbon nanotube: engineered nanohybrid building blocks for infrared detection at high quantum efficiency. Scientific Reports 5, 11328 (2015).

8. C. R. Ma†, Y. P. Gong†, R. T. Lu, E. Brown, B. H. Ma, J. Li, J. Wu*. Detangling extrinsic and intrinsic hysteresis for detecting dynamic switch of electric dipoles using graphene field-effect transistors on ferroelectric gates. Nanoscale 7, 18489 (2015). (Back cover)

9. M. S. Long †, Y. P. Gong †, X. F. Wei, C. Zhu, J. B. Xu, P. Liu,Y. F. Guo, W. W. Li, G. T. Liu, L. W. Liu*. Electron-electron interaction, weak localization and spin valve effect in vertical-transport graphene devices. Applied Physics Letters 104, 153114 (2014).

10. Y. P. Gong, A. D. Li*, X. Qian, C. Zhao, D. Wu. Interfacial structure and electrical properties of ultrathin HfO2 dielectric films on Si substrates by surface sol-gel method. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42, 015405 (2009).

11. Y. P. Gong, H. F. Zhai, X. J. Liu, J. Z. Kong, D. Wu, A. D. Li*. Impact of Gd2O3 passivation layer on interfacial and electrical properties of atomic-layer-deposited ZrO2 gate dielectric on GaAs. Applied Surface Science 291, 35 (2014).

12. Y. P. Gong, A. D. Li*, C. Zhao, Y. D. Xia, D. Wu. Fabrication and electrical characteristics of ultrathin (HfO2)x(SiO2)1-x films by surface sol-gel method and reaction-anneal treatment. Microelectronic Engineering 87, 1756 (2010).

13. Y. P. Gong, A. D. Li*, X. F. Li, H. Li, H. F. Zhai, D.Wu. Impact of Al/Hf ratio on electrical properties and band alignments of atomic-layer-deposited HfO2/Al2O3 on S-passivated GaAs substrates. Semiconductor Science and Technology 25, 055012 (2010).

14. Y. P. Gong, A. D. Li*, X. J. Liu, H. Li, D. Wu. Effect of surface treatments on interfacial characteristics and band alignments of atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 films on GaAs substrates. Surface and Interface Analysis 43, 734 (2011).

15. M. G. Gong*, P. Adhikari, Y. P. Gong, T. Wang, Q. F. Liu*, B. Kattle, W. Y. Ching, W. L. Chan, J. Z. Wu*. Polarity-controlled attachment of cytochrome c for high performance cytochrome c/graphene van der Waals heterojunction photodetectors. Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1704797 (2018).

16. Jamie Wilt*, Youpin Gong, Ming Gong, Feifan Su, Huikai Xu, Ridwan Sakidja, Alan Elliot, Rongtao Lu, Shiping Zhao, Siyuan Han, Judy Z. Wu*. Atomically thin Al2O3 films for tunnel junctions. Physical Review Applied 7, 064022 (2017).

17. Q. F. Liu*, B. Cook, M. G. Gong*, Y. P. Gong, D. Ewing, M. Casper, A. Stramel, J. Wu*. Printable transfer-free wafer-size MoS2/graphene van der Waals heterostructures for high-performance photodetection. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 12728 (2017).

18. Q. F. Liu*, Y. P. Gong, T. Wang, W. L. Chan, J. Wu*. Metal-catalyst-free and controllable synthesis of monolayer, bilayer and few-layer graphene on silicon dioxide by chemical vapor deposition. Carbon 96, 203 (2016).

19. Q. F. Liu*, Y. P. Gong, J. S. Wilt, R. Sakidja, J. Wu*. Synchronous growth of AB-stacked bilayer graphene on Cu by simply controlling hydrogen pressure in CVD process. Carbon 93, 199 (2015).

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