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Professor Bai Yong received a doctorate from Hiroshima University and engaged in postdoctoral work in the field of ship and ocean engineering in Danish Technical University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and California Berkeley University. He has published over 200 research papers, eight English academic treatises and seven Chinese books. Bai severed as a professor in University of Stavanger, Harbin Engineering University, Zhejiang University and Southern University of Science and Technology. He guided more than 50 graduate students and 20 doctoral students.

Professor Bai has a wealth of engineering experience and management skills. He worked in Det Norske Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Norway JP KENNY Company, American Shell Oil Company and MCS Company in the United States. He has presided over dozens of large projects in ship structure, submarine pipeline/riser, deign of offshore platform structure, analysis and risk assessment. Bai put forward the design concept of anti-buckling ability and ultimate load caring capacity of deepwater submarine pipeline. He improved the design method, analytical tool and design standards of marine pipeline and reached the international leading level. His research results have been widely used in engineering field.

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