Chair Professor Xingyu Jiang win inaugural “Xplorer Prize”


The first cohort of fifty Xplorer Prize winners was awarded after four months of rigorous analysis. Two of those fifty Xplorer Prize winners were Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) Professor Jiang Xingyu (Department of Biomedical Engineering) and Associate Professor Liu Weishu (Materials Science and Engineering). Both young scientists stood out from over one thousand applicants for their cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, in energy & environmental protection respectively. They were the only winners in Shenzhen.

The Xplorer Prize is a non-governmental and public interest award for young scientists and technicians aged 45 and below who are working full-time on the Chinese mainland.

The Xplorer Prize was created by Ma Huateng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tencentand founder of the Tencent Foundation, and Professor Rao Yi of Peking University in cooperation with well-known scientists such as SUSTech President Chen Shiyi. The Tencent Foundation provided the initial funding for the award.

Xplorer Prize announcement address: