2020 Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum


2020 Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum


The Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is an important conference for talent recruitment. It aims to provide a platform for academic exchanges among young scholars at home and abroad, to promote interdisciplinary and academic innovation, and discuss the approach for the construction of world-class universities and disciplines. Through the recruitment of world-class talents, we plan to build SUSTech into a high-level research university with unique characteristics in the world.


1.Under age of 40 (born after 1 January 1980); 

2.Doctoral degree obtained from internationally renowned universities and institutes; or Ph.D. degrees from Chinese universities with more than 3 years of working abroad, with achievements in related fields or good potential for further development; scholars with academic influence in the related field. Scholars from all areas are welcome.

Forum Schedule

Registration Date: Jan 3, 2020(Fri)

Date of the Forum: Jan 4-5, 2020

An introduction of SUSTech, academic presentations, tours inside SUSTech and Shenzhen City will be arranged during the forum.


Please submit your CV and one page cover letter to institutional mailbox of SUSTech Academy for Department of Earth and Space Sciences

(ess-admin@sustech.edu.cn) and Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies mailbox (aais@sustech.edu.cn), entitled “SUSTech Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum Application-ESS” for evaluation. We will evaluate your application and send out invitation as soon as possible. Please send materials at your earliest convenience since the registration is limited.

The application will close on December 15, 2019. Successful applicants will receive the invitation before December 20, 2019.

Travel & Accommodation

1. Free accommodation and lodging will be provided;

2. Travels: All invited participants need to purchase their own tickets (economy class). We will provide travel reimbursement for the actual cost of tickets from December 20, 2019 to January 20, 2020 (maximum CNY 12,000 per person). 

Salary & Benefits

For faculty of SUSTech awarded with national talent plans, the following salary and benefits package will be provided: 

1. Globally competitive (including US, HK and Singapore) salary; 

2. According to the recently released policy of Guangdong Provision,income tax of qualified high-level talents will be compensated by local government to a maximum of 15%;

3. A total of CNY 2.75 million living and housing subsidies (national, provincial and Shenzhen Peacock B),with apartment inside campus or housing allowance of leasing outside; An extra yearly subsidy of CNY 500,000 will be awarded to scholars with “Pearl River Talents Plan” (longest for 5 years);  

4. Insurance:Shenzhen’s highest level of retirement insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation funds. Special high-level health insurance is negotiable; 

5. Lab space about 150 square meters; 

6. At least 1 PhD student per year and total 5 post-doctoral fellows support, with yearly subsidy of CNY 180,000 from Shenzhen government for each post-doctoral fellow; Self-determination of hiring research assistant professors (RAPs) with competitive research fund support for RAPs. 

7. A total of approximate CNY 8~12 million research fund; assistance to apply for other competitive national, provincial and Shenzhen grants;

8. Permanent residence or resident visa service of scholar and family (spouse and children); Service of children’s education in SUSTech affiliated preschool, primary school and middle school; Spouse’s employment service.


Ms. Hongmei WANG

Tel: +86-755-88018693

Email: ess-admin@sustech.edu.cn